Student Success

Student Success

At C.W. Jefferys, we work to provide additional supports and attention to students who need it. We take a team approach to student success and include the administration, student success teachers, guidance counsellors, special education teachers and subject teachers to ensure each student has the necessary tools and appropriate learning environment to support their learning.

One of the aims of Student Success is to increase the credit accumulation of students. The following initiatives are in place to assist students: 

  • Credit Recovery Classes – for students who have been unsuccessful (with a grade of 1-49%) in a course may be offered the opportunity to recover the credit in a following semester or year. 
  • Credit Rescue –for students who need an opportunity to complete missed or incomplete assignments in order to “rescue” a credit that may be at risk. 

From one phase to the next:

  • Transitions Initiatives –  for students who are transitioning from grade 8 - grade 9 or grade 12 to post-secondary life.  The Student Success Team works with other departments to offer intake meetings, Moving On Up Day, and Grade 9 Student and Family Information Sessions. The Team also works closely with the Guidance team to assist grade 12s with career and post-secondary planning.