Student Services and Guidance

Guidance and Career Education

Guidance and Career Education are intended to help students develop learning skills and interpersonal skills and to enable them to explore pathways and career options. Students are encouraged to explore and assess their own strengths, needs, interests and opportunities as they pursue their educational pathways and pursue postsecondary goals.

Guidance Counsellors and Staff are always willing to support and assist students. Students may reach Guidance Counsellors by email or by scheduling a virtual appointment in the Guidance Google Classroom.

(Students are supported by alpha using last name.)

  • Ms. Stark (A-I)

  • Ms. Irons (J-R)

  • Ms. Cavarretta (S-Z)

If you are a C.W.J. student and you would like to make an appointment, please use this link.

Professional Support Services

When students experience undue stress in their lives they often have trouble in school. At C.W. Jefferys, we have a Social Worker, Child and Youth Counsellor, and Child and Youth Worker to help students and families overcome personal challenges and systemic barriers that inhibit their success. To make a virtual appointment with a counselling professional, reach out to them directly by email.

  • Child and Youth Worker, Nathaniel Anderson

  • Social Worker, Deshawna Dookie (M-W)

  • Social Worker, Andrew Griffith (W-F)