Welcome to C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute

C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute is a semestered school located at Finch and Sentinel, between Jane and Keele and is in close proximity to York University.  It was founded in 1965.  The school was named after Charles William Jefferys, a Canadian artist whose work has contributed to education in the areas of Canadian History and Art. 

The school is the home of the Saints where student involvement is an integral part of C. W. Jefferys’ school life.  To support student involvement, there are strong athletic, academic and extracurricular programs.  One of many important programs at the school is the ESTeM Program where students benefit from taking enriched science and mathematics, as well as from exploring computer technology and engineering.   Additionally, C. W. Jefferys takes pride in their LAWS program which is a partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School aimed at supporting, guiding and mentoring students.

C.W. Jefferys provides inclusive education leading to improved student results and exemplary credit accumulation. Students are recipients of numerous bursaries and entrance scholarships to some of the province's top colleges and universities. The post-secondary acceptance rate is extremely high.  The school has significant student success initiatives that enrich student learning as well as provides support for "at risk" students through initiatives such as “Learning to 18 pilot project”, "Stay Connected" and the credit recovery program offered at the school.

C.W. Jefferys is a true community school that welcomes and celebrates the unique talents of students, parents, and community partners.  It is a school that encourages, staff as well as students, to take an active role in helping the school to function smoothly, and efficiently ensuring a safe, secure professional learning environment. 

C.W.J. News

A.C.E. Graduation
ACE Graduation

Recently Grade 12 students attended their graduation from Advanced Credit Experience (A.C.E.). Students in the program spent a semester in a first year undergraduate Philosophy and/or Sociology course at the same time they completed a co-op placement at York University.
Congratulations A.C.E. graduates!

The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code

On Friday December 11th, 200 grade 10 students at C.W. Jefferys participated in the Hour of Code.  The purpose of the HOC was to raise awareness of the benefits of learning to write and understand code across the curriculum. For more information about this exciting initiative, check out the HOC website.