Primary Phys Ed

Primary Phys Ed

Dear JW Kids,

We miss you!

We hope that everyone has been able to stay safe and active over these past few weeks. Did you know that kids need 60 minutes per day of physical activity to keep them healthy? With new rules around social distancing and the cancellation of organized sport and active programming this can be challenging. Miss Sherwood and Ms. Blaney would like to help support our JW families by providing creative ideas to help keep you moving. Regular physical activity will help keep your body healthy and keep your spirits lifted.

Stay active and keep safe!

Miss Sherwood and Ms. Blaney 😊 

Week 1 April 6-10

Create your own activity log! Tracking your progress will help keep you motivated and kids love to see what they have accomplished. 

Write/draw to show the physical activities that you do each day of this week.  How long did you do each activity for? Your goal should be to reach 60 minutes of physical activity each day! Two ideas to track your progress and are to fill a clock or create a simple chart. Feel free to come up with your own original way to track your fitness achievements.

If you are looking for some activity ideas, you could:

  • Walk (How many blocks?  How many steps?)
  • Ride your bike/scooter (Don’t forget your helmet!)
  • Skip (Practice your single & double bounce, practice skills from last year or try  a new skill, do an endurance challenge & see what level you can get to: every 10 seconds = 1 level, so level 6 is 1 minute of continuous skipping)
  • Run (Try your different paces; pig, horse, cheetah)
  • Dance (Choose a song that lifts your spirits & move to the groove!)
  • Play catch with someone in your household (overhand, underhand, Go For Gold!)
  • Tabata (Ask your parents to help you find a tabata song.  Can you remember some of the activities we did for our Olympic training? E.g., Burpees, plank shoulder touches, jumping jacks, crab toe touches)