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Upcoming Events

June 24th- Day 3 on the Calendar
June 24th- Last scheduled Hold & Secure Drill of the year
June 25th- Grad rehearsals in the morning
June 25th- Grade 6 Graduation in the evening
June 26th- Report Cards distributed electronically to all families
June 26th- Grade 3 modified Run/Jump/Throw Event postponed from last week
June 27th- John Wanless PRIDE Event
June 28th- School Assembly in the morning

June 28th- Last day for students and staff

The past week saw all of us focus on getting through each day with the heat in the building. We had classes rotating through the cool areas of the building with regularity and we cancelled/postponed events such as the Run/Jump/Throw event on Thursday morning. In spite of the heat, our Grade 6's managed to travel to Glenview on Tuesday morning for a very brief tour in preparation for next year's transition. Today saw all kinds of delicious food and drink being brought to the staffroom as part of SAC's staff appreciation event- we thank you very much for all the treats!

The coming week will see a great number of walking excursions taking place by a number of our classes. We will also be asking all of our students to take all their personal belongings home-please be kind enough to provide them with additional bags for this purpose. Remind your children to also check the lost and found as the pile of items is considerable. On Tuesday we will conduct our Grad rehearsals in the morning before the Grade 6's graduate in the evening. On Wednesday morning during periods 3 & 4 our Grade 3's will have an opportunity to participate in a modified Run/Jump/Throw event postponed from last week. Thursday will bring our PRIDE Event in the morning. All are welcome! Friday will start with our year-end assembly in the morning before we all go our separate ways for the summer at the end of the day.

The Equity Committee is excited to share with you information about our second annual John Wanless PRIDE Celebration in support of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. The theme for PRIDE this year is “Be YOU!”. 
For our parade, we are inviting each grade to wear a specific colour to help us create a rainbow as we walk. Please help your student find clothing or accessories in the following colours (i.e., t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc).  If your student does not have clothing in their assigned colour they are also welcome to make a sign in that colour, or to wear any rainbow gear they’d like!  The rainbow flag has been a symbol of PRIDE since 1978.
Kindergarten - pink
Grade 1 - red
Grade 2 - orange
Grade 3 - yellow
Grade 4 - green
Grade 5 - blue
Grade 6 - purple
We will gather on the field on June 27th after morning recess to celebrate with a community walk followed by a dance party on the field.

Planning for Next Year
We would like to thank all those parents who have notified us about their child not returning for the coming school year. This information is very helpful in our planning efforts.

Facilities Update- Fence Construction Notice #5
We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that during the months of July & August, our exterior fence will finally be replaced. The scope of the work will include removal of the current temporary structure as well as the erection of a new fence. There will likely be a staging area inside the schoolyard by the basketball court. There will also be a need for the contractor to occupy parts of Greer for the purpose of removing the current structure-please note that appropriate permits will be issued by the City for this purpose. Work hours will be 7am until 7pm Monday-Friday and there will be some work conducted on Saturdays as well. As far as the field is concerned, it should be accessible once temporary barriers are erected to block off the work area. We anticipate that all work will be completed before school resumes in late August.
We know how much you wanted to have a quiet and peaceful summer and therefore we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause for you and your household.

Absence Reporting
Parents are reminded that should your child be away from school, please call the ABSENCE REPORTING Line at 1-833-250-2290. Many thanks!

Lost & Found
With varied temperatures, our Lost & Found is overflowing with sweatshirts and hoodies.  Missing a water bottle or a lunch bag?  Chances are it's there.  Please take a moment to look at the Lost & Found.  It is now located in the front foyer off Fairlawn under the stairs.

Reinforcing our Visitor Policy
All adults (volunteers for example) coming to John Wanless during the instructional day are reminded to sign in at the office prior to going to any classroom location. We thank you in advance for this! There is a sign-in book located in the office for this purpose.

Students Leaving school at lunch
We would like to remind parents that if you are giving permission for your child to leave campus on their own at lunch, you MUST provide us with a written notice which we will keep on file in the office. Parents are also reminded that for those students who stay at school at lunch, if there is a special occasion when they are given permission to leave, parents must notify both the classroom teacher as well as the school office in writing in advance. Thank you all in advance!


John Wanless School Advisory Council has open council roles and committee lead positions to fill for the 2024-2025 school year.  
John Wanless has a number of School Advisory Council (SAC) roles and committees that parents can join. Committees make a big difference to the school and in the community, and their activities and initiatives are a great way to supplement our students’ experiences at the school. As we look forward to the next school year, we have an immediate need to fill open roles. We have listed them and included a brief description of the activities the role includes. More fulsome role descriptions are available here 

We are seeking committee members in the following areas: Education Advocacy Lead, Extracurricular Enrichment Team Members, Fundraising Team Members, Grade 6 Graduation Committee Chair or Co-Chairs, School Support Lead and Team Members

We also welcome volunteers who are keen to assist with specific events or initiatives, and take on a supporting role on any SAC committee. Please reach out to us to ask how you can get involved!!

If interested, please email Candice Kelamis, SAC Chair at 

Whether you have a lot of time to devote or only a few hours, or simply have one or two ideas to share, please reach out to us!

John Wanless SAC is on Instagram!

Don't miss any SAC event updates and school reminders - follow on Instagram today! @johnwanlesssac

Archived Information

School Day Schedule for 2023-24 and bell times

8:41  Am Entry for all students- Lines for each class (Grades 1-6) will be identified in the yard
8:45 -9:25 Period 1
9:25 -10:05 Period 2
10:05 -10:20 Recess for all Grade 1-6 students
10:20 -11:00 Period 3
11:00 -11:30 Period 4
11:30-12:27 Lunch for all Grade 1-6 students (Students in grades 4-6 eat in the lunchroom from 11:30-11:50 before going outside); students in Grades 1-3 play outside first and then eat in the lunchroom from 11:50-12:10). All students will be outside from ~12:10-12:27. Students will be picked up by their respective teachers at 12:27 or as we have done so this year, from their respective lines outside. Please note that kindergarten lunch will run from 11:15- 12:27. Students who stay at school during lunch will eat in their classrooms.

12:27  PM Entry for all students
12:30 -1:10 Period 5
1:10 -1:50 Period 6
1:50 -2:05 Recess for all students
2:05 -2:45 Period 7
2:45 -3:15 Period 8
Dismissal for all Grade 1-6 students is at 3:15PM
Dismissal for Kindergarten students is at 3:00PM.

Staff List

Classroom Locations                          Grade              Room

Ms. George                                           JK/SK A              101

Ms. Klug                                                JK/SK B              113

Ms. Kussner                                          JK/SK C              115

Ms. Stamatiou                                       JK/SK D               111

Ms. Mamann                                         JK/SK E                003


Mr. Burton                                            1 A                          104

Ms. Fagan                                             1 B                         102

Ms. Talesnik                                          1C                         109

Ms. Flemington                                     1D                         103

Ms. Hood                                               1/2A                      110

Ms. Petropoulos                                   1/2B                      210

Ms. Maharaj                                           2A                        207

Ms. Almanova                                      2B                         201

Ms. Rendell-Dean                                2C                         202

Ms. Grant                                             3D                         205

Ms. Dempsey                                       3A                        204                                                                        

Ms. Zarpellon                                       3B                       206

Ms. Jaklitch                                          3C                       204

Ms. Chau                                              3/4                       215

Ms. Labell                                            4A                        219

Ms. Wolk                                              4/5                       213

Mr. Murray                                          5A                        220

Mr. Sherman                                       5B                         211

Mr. Gaunt                                            6A                         217

Ms. Ng                                                 6B                        221

Mr. Sturm                                            6C                        218

Ms. Patterson                              Spec Ed & ESL         214A

Ms. Hunter                                     Lib & Prep               LIB

Mr. Singh                                         ISP                          214

Ms. Sherwood                             Health/Phys Ed        GYM

Ms. Blaney                                    Health/Phys Ed       GYM

Ms. Lowe                                      0.5 Arts/Lit AM          212

Ms. Willingham                                Music                     222

Ms. Yousefi                                      French                    209

Mr. Parkes                                     0.5 Special Ed          AM

Ms. Nejati                                         DECE                     115

Ms. Foscarin                                    DECE                     113

Ms. Zhang                                        DECE                     101

Ms. Lau                                            DECE                      111

Ms. Limbada                                      EA                          

Ms. Vecchio /Ms. Sinclair                 EA-ISP                  214

Ms. Rocci                                           LRS

Ms. Chen                                            LRS

Ms. McLeish                                      LRS

Ms. Dadon                                         LRS

Mr. Emuri                                           LRS

Ms. Paridel                                         LRS

Other LRS (3)                                     TBD

Mr. Frazer                                            Head Caretaker

Mr. Di Tomaso                                     Caretaker

Mr. MacEachern                                  Caretaker


Ms. Marsella                                                  Office Administrator

Ms. Olephir                                                   Office Secretary 

Mr. Parkes                                                    Vice-Principal  (PM)

Mr. Boross-Harmer                                      Principal       

Welcome to John Wanless Public School

John Wanless Public School is located north of Lawrence Avenue, between Yonge Street and Avenue Road. Our TDSB mission is to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society. This includes:

  • a strong commitment to student achievement and success;
  • a strong commitment to ensuring that student voice is incorporated in all that we do;
  • a strong commitment to ensuring that equitable practices permeate all that we do within our school community
  • a safe and caring learning environment;
  • continued commitment to ongoing professional learning for staff;
  • encouraging life-long learning; and
  • collaborative partnerships with parents and the school community.