School Advisory Council (SAC)

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The John Wanless Parent Council functions in an advisory capacity to help the administration and staff deliver a top level education programme.  As mandated under the Education Act, the Council is comprised of the Principal/Vice Principal, Representatives from the parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff and community and child care representatives. A majority of the positions on the Council must be held by parents and elections for Parent Reps are held each Fall if required.  Regular monthly meetings of the Council are held at the school and all parents in the John Wanless community are encouraged and welcome to attend.

The Parent Council informs parents of school issues, raises money to support school programmes, organizes informative general meetings, and implements many programmes and activities that benefit the children.  Parent involvement at John Wanless is most welcome.  In addition to involvement on the Council, there are numerous Committees, Working Groups and other volunteer opportunities to suit any degree of interest and availability (see list, below).

For more information, please see the Ministry of Education Guide for School Council Members.

John Wanless Parent Council Mission Statement

Every John Wanless family is represented by members of the John Wanless Parent Council.  Principals, teachers, educational assistants, office staff, custodians, childcare, the school board and the community are also represented on Council.  Together we strive to best serve our students’ interests and needs.

John Wanless Parent Council Mandate

The John Wanless Parent Council is a proactive advisory body.  It is a dynamic partnership among John Wanless families, staff, and the community. The fundamental purpose of the John Wanless Parent Council is to maximize student learning and enrich connections among home, school and the community.  Through diverse representation and collaboration, the Council will work to:

  • promote a safe environment
  • support the school’s administrative functions
  • support the John Wanless staff in delivering programmes
  • encourage meaningful parental involvement
  • foster meaningful community involvement
  • ensure effective communication
  • inform judiciously
  • provide opportunities for enrichment
  • provide opportunities for parent education and support
  • strategically raise funds
  • budget according to appropriate school needs
  • hold elections for Council
  • seek structural continuity
  • evaluate its effectiveness and seek refinement
  • advocate for school and school board improvement