Class Parents

Class Parents

Each class requires TWO individuals to provide a vital link between the teachers and the parents and between the School Council and parents. It is not a time consuming position, but an important one that can be done equally well whether you work inside or outside the home.

The Class Parent:
- works closely with the teacher to support the classroom program
- respects the nature of the relationship vis a vis confidentiality and mutual support

With respect to the Teacher, your role may be to:
- arrange parents for field trips and special events
- assist your teacher in various in class activities
- compile a list of volunteers and their skills/talents according to your classroom needs
- formulate a schedule of parent availability (for volunteering)
- email/phone parents to arrange Parent-Teacher Interviews at Record of Progress time
- promote positive communication between the parents and the school

With respect to the School Council, your role will be to:
- share communication and solicit assistance from parents for special events, such as the Fun Fair, pizza lunches, and other school events

As Class Parent you have an excellent opportunity to work with your child’s teacher, ensure the success of special school events and contribute to effective communications at John Wanless. We hope that parents in all grades will consider volunteering this year.

If there are more than two volunteers per class, Class Parents will be selected on a lottery basis, in consultation with the teacher. To maximize parental participation, preference will be given to those who have not held a position before.