Council Roles

Council Roles

Prepare agendas, chair SAC meetings, facilitate meetings, conflict resolution, participate in budgeting and ongoing financial matters, communicate with Principal on behalf of Council and vice versa, maintain Council priorities, ex-officio member on all committees. Past chair will be available for guidance/assistance.

Vice Chair
Chair Council in absence of Chair, helps to develop agendas, ensure all committees are staffed, ex-officio member of all committees, encouraged to run for Chair on next term.

Assess financials from previous year, develop Council budget, collect budget submissions, review and reimburse expenses, manage bookkeeping for fundraising, assist grad committee treasurer, finalize year end TDSB report, report on Council financials, chair council in the absence of Vice/Chair.

Record minutes of Council meetings and post to website, may receive minutes from committee meetings, compile minutes from past meetings.

Child Care Representative
A parent with a child in the daycare and on the JW daycare board of directors. Represents the child care to Council and vice versa. The Chair of the Daycare does not need to be the representative that attends SAC meetings.

Distribute communications from various departments of school to parent community via mail chimp, prepares communications as needed, oversee website uploads, assist on updating website (with external volunteer assistance if required).

Curriculum Support
Arrange speaker series for students and/or parents, workshops for students, scholastic initiatives, Pro Grant applications, oversees Art, Drama, Music, Phys Ed and Literacy Committees, assists on Special Education matters.

Education Advocacy
Head EAC, act as link between Council and TDSB, attend Ward meetings and PIAC reporting back to Council, maintain grasp of key policies within TDSB that may impact education, Form Elections Committee, staffing issues, communicate with each grade to support any issues and convey to Council.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment
Coordinate enrichment programs outside of the classroom including After 4, Lunchtime Programs, Chess, TBall, and Home Alone and Babysitting courses.

Raise funds as required and appropriate, develop regular communications with community on direct donation initiative, run the Spring Fair and Parents Night Out, run Community Events (Fall Fun Day, Skating Day), and oversee the Pizza Lunch where required.

School Support
Interest in day to day operations in school, research appropriate community giving funds, oversees Grad committee, helps manage the lost and found, arranges appreciation gifts, organizes the teacher holiday lunch and the volunteer tea.

Community Representative
An adult member of our community with no children at John Wanless. Provide insight into the needs of the community outside of the JW community and report to Council as needed. This is a non-voting position.

JK/SK, Grades 1-2 and Grades 4-6 Representatives
Prior to each SAC meeting, the grade representatives reach out to the class parents in their grade bands and ask if there are any issues that cannot be brought to parent council in person. Contact information is provided to the representatives. These are non-voting positions.