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It is expected that all spectators will:

§ Cheer in a positive manner

§ Respect the decisions of the officials

§ Respect the athletic facilities and property

§ Respect the authority of the TDSB staff members who are supervising games

§ Be courteous and respectful to fellow spectators

§ Not interfere with the game in any manner

§ Refrain from the use of un-sportsmanlike distractive behaviour, profanity, taunting,   threatening actions, or violence

§ Behave in accordance with all TDSB policies



Girls' and Boys’ Athletic Associations (G.A.A. and B.A.A.)
The G.A.A. and B.A.A. are student led organizations that run intramurals, fundraisers, special events, and helps to organize co-curricular sports for girls and boys at Northern. The G.A.A. and B.A.A. executives are elected each spring for the upcoming year. All students at Northern are welcome to be members of the G.A.A. and B.A.A.

Intramural Program
Both the G.A.A. and B.A.A. organize intramural activities. They provide an opportunity to have fun, meet other students, and experience friendly competition.
Co-curricular Athletics

Please note: Athletes who enter the school after their grade 9 year must be declared eligible by the eligibility committee of the T.D.S.S.A.A. in order to participate in the co-curricular program. Exception to this rule is an athlete entering Northern in Grade 10 from a junior high school (Grade 7, 8 and 9).


Fall Basketball G x x x              
  Cross Country Running B, G x x x              
  Football B x x x              
  Golf B, G x x                
  Soccer B x x x              
  Tennis B, G x x                
  Volleyball B x x x              
Winter Basketball B     x x x x x      
  Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding B, G     x x x x x      
  Hockey B, G     x x x x x      
  Curling B, G     x x x x x      
  Swimming B, G     x x x x x      
  Volleyball G     x x x x x      
Spring Badminton B, G           x x x    
  Baseball B             x x x x
  Ultimate B, G             x x x  
  Co-Ed Volleyball B, G             x x x  
  Rugby B, G           x x x x x
  Soccer G             x x x x
  Softball G             x x x x
  Table Tennis B, G           x x x x  
  Track & Field B, G         x x x x x x
  Athletic Assembly & Banquet B, G     x       x   x x



Northern is a member of the Toronto District Secondary School Athletic Association (T.D.S.S.A.A.) and participates in a variety of sports that compete in the south region of Toronto. School teams are generally selected after a tryout period prior to the beginning of each season. Northern’s program incorporates the largest number of sports teams, with the greatest number of registrations in the Toronto District Secondary School Athletic Association (T.D.S.S.A.A.). Volunteer staff members organize, administer and coach this athletic program.

Point System and Awards
Athletic points are awarded on the basis of participation in both the co-curricular and intramural program. The G.A.A. and B.A.A. statisticians maintain a record for each participant and tallies the points at the end of the year before each Athletic Awards Assembly and Banquet to determine the Letter winners. The recipient of the Athletic Letter award must have earned 17 athletic points in four years or 21 athletic points in five years of high school. Points are attained on a 3-2-1 basis depending upon the amount of practice time spent with the school coach. Become a Red Knight – get involved! Athletic Eligibility