New Features in School Messenger:

To enhance our existing absence reporting procedure, we have added New Features to report the student’s absence.

1. Parents/Guardians can now use Safe Arrival platforms (Toll free number, mobile app or website) to add student’s Early Departure and Leave and Return in addition to Full Day and Late. These new options will allow parents to choose various reasons (Appointments, Illness, Family responsibility, weather, other reasons) when reporting.

2. Slept In is now available as one of the reasons for reporting late.

3. For Security reasons we recommend parents/ guardians to set up a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

• Parents/Guardians will be required to enter the same PIN number before absences can be reported or explained for their student(s) using the SafeArrival phone system.

• The PIN will not be required when reporting using the app or the website as these access options are protected by passwords created by parents.

• PIN settings can be updated by parents from the SchoolMessenger app OR on the website.

Updated Manual - SchoolMessenger App - Step by Step Guide for Parents/Guardians. 



8:45 a.m. Classrooms are open and teachers are present to welcome students.      

8:50 a.m. 10-minute warning bell followed by NSS Air music selections.  All students proceed directly to their first period classrooms at this time. 

8:55 a.m. 5-minute warning bell.  Students should be in their first period classroom.

9:00 a.m. School day begins 

students who are not in class when the bell rings at 9:00 a.m. are marked late.  Students who arrive after 9:00 a.m. will be counselled by their period one teacher.  If a pattern of lateness develops, students will be sent to their Vice-Principal.

Students are expected to attend classes every day, in every subject, on time.

Punctuality is an important life-long habit. Persistent lateness will be addressed through an ascending scale of consequences. This may include telephone calls home, an e-mail from a VP, a VP interview, and/or detentions (served before or after school, or at lunchtime). Missed detentions and persistent lateness will result in a meeting with parents or guardians.
• Persistent lateness and absence may seriously jeopardize a student’s extra-curricular involvement – see Extra-Curricular Participation Code of Conduct 
• Students who wish to select a “spare” in grade 11 and 12 must present evidence of good attendance and punctuality in order to be considered.
Absences and Notes
If a student is absent from school, the parent or guardian must call the VP office before 8:50 a.m. with the student name and reason for the absence. After an absence, students must bring a note of explanation signed and dated by their parent or guardian to the VP office for entry on the computer; the student will then present the note to his/her teachers. Students who are 18 years of age or older may write their own notes. Alternatively, parents have the option of reporting a student absence via e-mail at
*Note: An absence which is not documented by a phone call, note or e-mail is viewed as an unacceptable absence.

Please note that family vacations are not considered a legitimate absence. Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling family vacations during school time. Holiday dates are published in the school calendar and on the TDSB website, In the event of a missed evaluation due to a family vacation, teachers are not required to provide an alternative form of evaluation. In the case of examinations, no make-up exam or alternative arrangements will be made. As well, this would extend to any self-isolation you need to undertake due to this planned vacation/travel. In person students will not be made Virtual Learners in order to accommodate.

Signing In/Signing Out
Note: Appointments should be made after school hours whenever possible. Students who wish to be excused during the day must observe the following procedures:
• Students must present a note from their parent/guardian to the Vice-Principal Office prior to leaving.
• Students who wish to go home during the school day because of illness must sign out in the VP’s office. Students may not leave until a parent or guardian has been contacted.
• If a student goes home for lunch and is unable to return, parents/guardians must contact the school by phone or e-mail.
• Students returning from an appointment must sign in at the VP office.