Student Activity Council

Student Activity Council

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The Student Council is elected by the students to represent them in various aspects of life at Northern. The council is responsible for:

  • the initiation and promotion of extra-curricular and social activitiesthe collection and impartial distribution of all monies received from the student activity fee
  • providing and encouraging leadership in all aspects of the school and community
  • directly representing the interests of the student population.

The three level representative system of the council consists of the Executive, Senate and House of Class Representatives. Well over 100 students hold positions on the council which directly represents every student at Northern. Students are encouraged to get involved in school activities. Any ideas, advisor suggestions, proposals or concerns can be brought to the Student Council office located in the cafeteria.

Together, the Student Council and the student body they represent, are instrumental in providing the excitement, pride and spirit that makes Northern a vibrant educational establishment.