Principal's Message

Principal's Message

I regularly remind myself how lucky I am to work in such a wonderful school with such a supportive community of students, staff and parents.

Students have settled into the routines of the year and we are starting into the "long-haul" between November and April where the bulk of the new learning takes place. It is a time when it is even more important to keep up to date with what is happening and make sure our students are thriving. Parents, continue to be our partners in this and keep the communication flowing.

As we start the second term and look back at the start of this year I am encouraged by the incredible work everyone has done. Staff and students have committed themselves to learning but also making Riverdale a positive, vibrant place to be.

Schools are communities and the positive energy that has been generated through the wide variety of activities that continue to take place on a daily basis make this an incredible community to be a part of. Thank you to the staff, students, parents and community members who go above and beyond to make this happen.