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Cooperative education at Riverdale Collegiate Institute offers students an opportunity to earn high school credits through a course that integrates classroom theory and learning experiences in a workplace.  This placement will allow students to apply and refine the knowledge and skills that they acquired in the classroom.


By participating in cooperative education, we are afforded a very dynamic work environment in the GTA that can cater to a wide variety of student’s interests in almost any industry.  Students can develop their skills, interests and professional connections while still in high school.  Also, students can participate in occupations in healthcare, hospitality, uniformed services, banking and finance, or drama.  These are just a few.


Cooperative education involves a partnership between education and business, industry, agriculture, labour, or community organizations that includes students, teachers, parents, employers, and placement supervisors. Additional participants may be involved in the case of exceptional students and other students with special needs.


The RCI Coop program is beneficial for students who plan to enter university, college, apprenticeships and the workplace after high school. Students can take either the 2 credit (morning or afternoon) or the 4 credit (either every other day or all mornings or all afternoons) cooperative education course.  Students are allowed to take co-op more than once, up to the equivalent of 8 courses.  In addition,  two cooperative education courses can count towards a student’s compulsory credits. (as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education)


Requirements:  Students who are 16 years of age or older can take co-op education in either grade 11 or 12, or in both grades.


If you are interested in taking co-op education, please see Mr. Thairs in the Coop Education office, Room 203, or call 416-393-9820, extension 20008.  

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Coop Education Website