All students will encounter the world of business. As you begin to work, spend, save and invest, young people need to understand how a business functions. Business studies builds on your skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and decision making.

The business studies department will help build a strong foundation for those who wish to move on to further studies and training in specialized areas such as management, human resources, international business, marketing, accounting, and information technology.

The Business Studies Department is here to provide all students with the skills necessary to adapt and succeed in today's world. At Riverdale, this is achieved through the variety of business courses offered, and the different methodologies used to demonstrate, to enlighten and to inspire all our students. The business department strives to bring an understanding of how businesses function and the potential impacts they can have on all of our lives.

English & Drama

The Department of English at Riverdale C.I. offers a wide range of courses, including all of the compulsory Ministry English Courses (grades 9-12), as well as Writer's Craft, Studies in Literature, Media.

Many of our teachers have backgrounds in Drama and the Arts in general, as well as Media. Riverdale English students are often performing and filming scenes, particularly scenes from Shakespeare's plays.

Literacy is a prime concern in our department and several of our teachers are active members of the Literacy PLC. Many of our teachers have backgrounds in teaching other languages and are qualified ESL teachers.

Overall, we are quite proud of our department. Teachers are available for extra help and have a great rapport with the Riverdale students. They are involved in many professional activities, mentoring and networking, both at Riverdale and outside of the school.

French & Modern Languages


What where? Why there? Why care?

These questions are the fundamental building blocks that lead us to an understanding of the geography of our planet.

A study of places, processes and their relationship to our personal lives are addressed throughout the geography program at Riverdale Collegiate.

All students start with an exploration (study, analysis) of the geography of Canada.  We look closely at the natural processes that have shaped our country and the related human activities which arise as a result. Relationships between Canada and the rest of the world and our collective impact on the planet are the logical extension. Senior courses delve into travel and tourism, environmental and global issues.

Field studies and guest speakers are key components of the Riverdale Geography Program.  The Grade 9 Canadian Geography program is enriched by an annual spring field study focusing on either the local physical landscape or urban land-use.  The Travel and Tourism program experiences a variety of tourism destinations from it fall Niagara Regions trip and a possible spring visit to Mennonite Country.  Senior students of the Environment and Resource class are enriched through a study of Toronto’s Brick Works and numerous guest speakers ranging including award winning eco-friendly architects, city planners and local entrepreneurs.  Visits and workshops to the Mock Refugee Camp at U of Toronto, World Press Photo Exhibits and Ryerson GIS labs are used to further enhance the Gr.12 World Issues Course.

Library Learning Commons


A learning commons for all

This is your library, so come and enjoy all it has to offer!

It is an active bustling hub of collaborative, cooperative, and individual learning. With teacher-librarians and a wealth of online and print resources, students learn to locate, assess, and process the information they need for assignments, to read for fun and for depth, and to become independent life-long learners. The teacher-librarians collaborate with classroom teachers across subject areas to design and carry out research assignments, select and teach effective and ethical use of print and online resources, and maintain a physical and virtual programme for students 24/7.

Library Hours:  The library is open during regular class times.
As well, the teacher-librarians volunteer their extra-curricular time to keep the library open before school, at lunch, and after school on most regular school days, 8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (3:30 p.m. on Fridays).


The Riverdale Guidance department is always open during school hours and we are available to help students and parents with academic and career planning as well as personal counselling and support. Some of the different aspects of our services include:

- a school-wide course selection program
- post-secondary planning and application support
- identification and support for at-risk students
- scholarship and post-secondary financing information and support
- School Support Team referrals to TDSB Support Services (Attendance, Social Work, Psychology and Behaviour Resource)
- Student Success Initiatives and Focus on Success (FOS) room support
- Cooperative Education placements
- Community Involvement opportunities and information for students and parents
- ongoing academic and personal counselling and family support
- and much more….

We are happy to help in any way. Students are encouraged to book an appointment with their counsellor and parents can contact us at (416) 393-9820 ext. 20040.

History and Social Science


To explore the human experience from numerous points of view, including historic, socio-economic, philosophical and personal in order to increase awareness of the self, society and humanity as a whole and cultivate individual, civic and global virtue.

To that end, we pledge to teach the whole child, to nurture responsible individuals who think beyond the self, who strive to become informed, active and purposeful citizens, with a clear understanding of the past and a vision of the future within the universe of obligation.

Welcome to a new and exciting year from the Social Studies Department! Our department is pleased to offer many exciting courses for all grade levels this year, each offering unique experiences and opportunities for a diversity of students. It has already been an active and busy term for our students. Many of our classes have already enjoyed field trip experiences in and around the city. Students have enjoyed visits to City Hall, Queen's Park, the ROM, the BATA shoe museum, and the AGO just to name a few. The Historical Artifacts Showcase was received with enthusiasm from staff and students alike.


The Mathematics Department is pleased to offer a wide range of courses to meet the needs and interests of all students. In Grades 9 and 10, students can choose from the Academic, Applied and Locally-Developed streams. In Grades 11 and 12, they can pursue courses for University Preparation, College Preparation and Workplace Preparation. All students are required to complete a minimum of three math credits in order to be eligible for their diploma (OSSD). For more information about prerequisites and possible pathways of study, parents and students can refer to our department's Pathways Chart.

The home of the Mathematics Department at Riverdale is room 316W. Room 316 (next door) is open before school, during lunch, and after school for students complete their Math homework, individually or in groups, and for extra help. If your teacher is not available, don’t hesitate to ask another teacher.

Riverdale offers after-school tutorials for Grades 9 and 10 students every Tuesday and Wednesday after school. They take place in Room 320 and begin at 3:05 p.m.. A teacher and several student volunteers are available to help with homework questions and review of basic concepts.

Riverdale students can enjoy mathematics outside the classroom by participating in various math contests such as the University of Waterloo Mathematics competitions. There are the Pascal and Fryer contests in Grade 9, the Cayley and Galois contests in Grade 10, and the Fermat and Hypatia contests in Grade 11. Grade 12 students may write the Euclid and Canadian Open Math Challenge. These contests are also open to motivated students in earlier grades. This year, students also wrote the Mathleague contests, a series of six international contests written throughout the year. Students can also join the Math Club for additional opportunities for enrichment. This year, the club meets every Tuesday, after school, in Room 326.

Each year in June, Grade 9 Academic and Grade 9 Applied students write the provincial EQAO Assessment of Mathematics, which is a standardized test for students across Ontario. Please visit the website for study tips and preparation material.

The Mathematics Department at Riverdale is committed to providing students with a rigorous and engaging mathematics education, and to prepare them for their future endeavours.

- Mary Card, Curriculum Leader of Mathematics


Everyone loves music. From the awakening musical notes of the radio alarm to the final chord or your favourite television show's theme song, music is an important part of every day. Through melody and rhythm, music offers a level of communication that makes life itself more exciting and fulfilling.

Being involved in the Riverdale Music Program gives you the opportunity to explore your own musical talents and skills while developing a life-long family of friends who share this artistic journey with you. You will discover a higher level of success in many parts of your life because of your experiences in band, vocal or strings.

Physical & Health Education

Physical Education is an integral part of every young person's life. Every adolescent should have the opportunity to improve physical fitness and wellness. This program makes it possible to achieve these goals by focusing on fun, fitness and skill development for a lifelong learning approach to Physical and Health Education. The Physical and Health Education Department at RCI has designed its courses to help meet your needs and interests with the following thoughts in mind:

  1. There is a high correlation between overall fitness, academic achievements and the way you feel about yourself
  2. Healthy, active people usually manage stressful situations in a positive way
  3. If we give you a wide exposure to many sports skills when you are young, you will be better able to select the activities that you wish to carry over into your adult lifestyle
  4. There are important health topics that you should be aware of including human sexuality, nutrition, weight control, substance abuse, mental health, personal fitness, decision making and conflict resolution
  5. Mandatory swim classes for males and females as part of the program for all grade 9, 10 and 11 courses.