The RCI Library Learning Commons

The RCI Library Learning Commons - yours to enjoy!


Virtual Library Research Site: TDSB virutal library

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The RCI Library Learning Commons is bustling hub of collaborative, cooperative, digital, global, and individual learning. With teacher-librarians and a wealth of digital and print resources, students learn to locate, assess, process, and create the information they need for assignments, to read for fun and for depth, to tinker, explore, and make, and to become independent life-long learners. The teacher-librarians collaborate with classroom teachers across subject areas to design and carry out inquiry assignments, select and teach effective and ethical use of print and online resources, and maintain a physical and virtual program for students 24/7.

Library Hours:

The library is open during regular class times.
As well, the teacher-librarians volunteer their extra-curricular time to keep the library open at lunch and after school on most regular school days, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (3:15 p.m. on Fridays).


• Research, exploration, tinkering, innovation, and study are the primary focus of the library
• Classes take priority in the library; students on spares may use the library computers and resources when space allows
• iPads, chromebooks, Google Cardboards, projectors, MacBook, 3D printer are available for use in the library
• e-book readers available for loan
Virtual Library Research Site
• Online subscription databases (get thepassword slips!)
• 20,000 books; 35 magazine subscriptions; 54 PC computers; 2 laptops; 3 projectors; 33 chomebooks; 4 iPads ; 4 Kobo readers; 2 iMacs; 1 MacBook 
• An Incubator Zone, Take Apart station, Make It station, light table, drafting table, tools and supplies
• Graphic organizers, pathfinders, note taking organizers 
• Printing 10¢ per page B&W, 25¢ per page colour
• Photocopying 10¢ per page
• Bristol boards and other supplies for sale when available

• Books and magazines for 3 weeks
• Videos for 1 day
• Maximum 5 items in total, 3 per assignment
• All items may be renewed as often as needed (you can renew online when you login to the catalogue
• Overdue fines are 10¢ per day per item ($1 per day for videos, Kobos)
• The replacement value of lost or damaged materials must be resolved, by payment or in kind

Library Activities:
Library Crew: Volunteers and Aides; S.W.A.T team (Students Who Advance Technology); White Pine Reading Club; Freedom to Read Week; International Library Month; Reading contests; Guest Speakers

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