Computer Science

"Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think", Steve Jobs (1995)

Computer Science at Riverdale CI

We offer a complete program of four computer science, two computer engineering and numerous technology courses at RCI. 

In grade 10 students begin with ICS2O1 Introduction to Computer Studies. It is a computer literacy course which includes an introduction to programming in Python.

In grade 11 we offer ICS3U1 Introduction to Computer Science, an introduction to computer science with an in-depth study of  Python. We are also proud to offer TEJ3M Computer Engineering Technology which examines computer systems and the control of external devices.

In grade 12 we offer ICS4U1, a more advanced approach to program design and problem solving using Python and Java, TEJ4M, a follow-up course to TEJ3M. We also offer the Yearbook course in grade 11 and the Web Site course in grade 12.

We have three computer labs with around 25 computers in each lab. Many RCI graduates continue to take computer science and Information Technology at university and college.

Contests & Challenges

Students participate in many contests and challenges at Riverdale. These contests are open to all students at Riverdale, and, to students who are at neighbouring schools that aren't participating in a contest. We typically participate in the University of Waterloo contests and challenges, in ECOO, and more.

University of Waterloo, CEMC: Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) (November), Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) (February).
ECOO: Programming Contest (March).

To prepare for ECOO, the BCC, and the CCC students can find questions from previous competitions at the DMOJ (DMOJ: Modern Online Judge) and at the CEMC website.

Teachers (2021-2022)

Emily Crawford

James Cordiner

Michael Riverso

Grant Hutchison, ACL of Business and Computer Science

Eric Dunbar, ACL of DLL and IT