Our Staff

Staff and Classes 2021-22


You can connect with our staff by e-mail using their firstname.lastname@tdsb.on.ca 
We have created a Google/Brightspace classroom, for each homeroom, to reach every learner and parent in order to provide tools that will enable access to receive/share information and obtain assignments.


Office Staff

Principal S. Larosa
Office Administrator A. Ivans
Office Secretary (AM)  S. Karim


Caretaking Staff

Head Caretaker C. Branker
Evening Caretaker V. Melgar-Garcia


Classroom Teachers 2021-22

JK/SK A K. Fitzpatrick
JK/SK B A. Stefanoff
JK/SK C P. Sauve
JK/SK D C. Young
Grade 1A A. Cushman
Grade 1B C. Swan
Grade 2A C. Kroboth
Grade 2B J. Kemp
Grade 3 S. Chea
Grade 3/4 A. Massos
Grade 4 C. Smith
Grade 5 S Macapagal
Grade 5/6 A. Edmonds
Grade 6 A. Whitaker


Support and Programs

Phys. Ed/Health FDK-6 A. Jonsohn
Library/Resource R. Nulla
Music/Resource J. Behar
MART R. Nulla
Educational Assistant D. Williams (AM)

Early Childhood Educators

 ECE JK/SK A  P. Fernandez Macedo
 ECE JK/SK B  S. Klasjna
 ECE JK/SK C  S. Botelho


Lunchroom Supervisors

J. Morris  W. Thompson
S. Furxhi  M. Deneko