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Parent / Visitor Access as of August 30th, 2021

From the direction of the Board, schools will not be welcoming parents or visitors in-person at this time. If your child's registration is still pending  documentation, our office will be contacting you directly to set up a virtual meeting. If you have not yet registered your child at our school please call us at 416-396-2435 between 8am-11:30am to set up a virtual meeting.


Student Health Passport @RolphRoadSchool -Sept 9th

covid screening sept

This week a Student Health Passport aka Duo-tang was sent home Thursday Sept 9th with every student. It is very important parents assess their child(ren) every morning before school and then sign the Student Health Passport (duo-tang). Please ensure to send the Duo-Tang  with your child every day.  The most important thing families can do to help slow the spread of Covid-19, is to screen their child daily for any Covid -19 symptoms. If your child is symptomatic, has had close contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19, or sick, please keep them home from school and contact the office. The signature in the Student Health Passport is verification that your child is clear of all symptoms that day. If there is no signature, duplicate date, wrong date or no passport, the office will be contacting as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention and help with this critical screening every day. Let’s do our part to keep our children, families and school community safe !


Mask Required Update September 9th, 2021

Schoolyards are crowded at pick up and drop off times. To help ensure safety when physical distancing isn’t possible, parents/guardians are required to wear masks/face coverings outside on school property during pick up and drop off. 

mask update


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