Victoria Park CI offers instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to students with little to no English language skills (ESL A) to those who are much more proficient (ESL E). Many students enrolled in ESL classes are international students from China, Korea, Japan and Spain. Others are new to Canada, migrating from Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, China, the Phillipines and other countries. 


Courses Offered

ESL A           ESL B          ESL C           ESL D          ESL E

ESL D is roughly equivalent to Grade 9 level, and ESL E to Grade 10 level. In the year that they complete ESL E, students write the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Test (OSSLT), which is a graduation requirement.

In addition to these classes, Victoria Park offers ESL-sensitive classes in Geography, History, Science, Civics and Careers, all of which are compulsory subjects. New in 2018-19, we are offering Grade 9 Drama for ESL students, to further develop students' confidence in their oral and presentation skills. 

The ACL of English/ESL strives to cultivate a community for all of the students who are just developing English language skills, through social events and outings. 

All newcomers, including students on international study visas, must complete a one day assessment at either 

Georges Vanier Reception Centre

Bickford Reception Centre Tel: 416 393 0542.

Please phone to make an appointment.