Spirit Tradition

Spirit Tradition

School Crest

The tree at the top of the crest symbolizes knowledge. In the center is a castle representing the security, which comes from knowledge. The three bees emphasize the diligence and steady work needed to reach the goals of education.


The School Motto

perge et perage
These Latin words tell us to pursue our goals unto the very end.


The School Emblem: The Panther

The panther is noted for its strength and invincibility.


The School Anthem

We sing dear Alma Mater
This song in praise of you,
Never forget we’re always behind you
And our colours of Scarlet and Gold we’ll honour true
Stand Victoria Park
‘Though the days be stormy and the way be dark,
Courage and Friendship keep us together
To fight for our team and school,
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Stand Victoria Park,
Stand Loyal and True
Echo our cry,
Hold our standard high,
We’re proud to be with you.


Spirit Weeks are celebrated October 15- 19, February 4-8, and April 29-May 3.

Spirit Assemblies to showcase clubs and teams will be held on Wednesday October 17, Wednesday February 6, and Wednesday May 1.