Central Student Interest Programs Application 2024-2025


TDSB Central Student Interest Programs Random Selection Process Results


You will see if you have been offered a seat or placed on the waiting list for your Primary (1st) and Alternate (2nd) choice programs (if applicable) for Central Student Interest Programs. Please continue to use this results link to view your position on a waitlist over time.

Please accept any offer of placement before the deadline listed in the email you received. If you do not accept your offer by the deadline, the seat will be offered to the first applicant on the waitlist.




What happens if I accept the offer for my alternate application program? Will I remain on the waitlist for my primary choice program?


Yes, you will remain on the waitlist for your primary choice program. If a space becomes available for you in your primary choice, you will be automatically placed in that program and removed from the alternate program. You will be notified of any change by email.

If you wish to remain in your alternate program, you must contact your current school by email and request to be removed from your primary choice waitlist. This ensures that if a seat becomes available in your primary choice you will not be automatically removed from your alternate program and placed in your primary choice program. Being removed from the primary choice waitlist is final and you cannot be returned to the waitlist.

If you are a non-TDSB student, please email CSIP@tdsb.on.ca to be removed from the waitlist. Please include the applicant’s first and last name in the email.


I am on the waitlist for one (or both) of my programs. What happens now?


If spaces become available in programs, applicants will be moved from the waitlist to the vacant seats. If you are offered a seat, you will receive an email notification, along with an acceptance deadline. You must accept the offer prior to the acceptance deadline listed in the email notification. You can use your results link to see your position on the waitlist change over time.


What if I accept an offer now and change my mind?


Applicants may decide to attend their local school, a Special Education Intensive Support Program, an Intensive French Program or attend a school through Out-of-Area Admissions. If you accept a Central Student Interest Program offer and change your mind, please notify your current school or CSIP@tdsb.on.ca in writing before February 21, 2024 so that another student has the opportunity to take the seat. If you are a non-TDSB student, please email CSIP@tdsb.on.ca to inform us of your decision.


My child is not a TDSB student and has accepted an offer for a Central Student Interest Program. How do I get them registered?


A unique link to a registration package for the Central Student Interest Program will be sent to your email address starting in mid-February. Please complete and submit the registration package and contact the school to arrange an appointment to provide the necessary documentation. Registrations should be completed before noon on March 8, 2024.