Special Education

Special Education

Meeting the Needs of All Our Students


LD: Learning Disability
MID: Mild Intellectual Disability


Mainstream LD and MID Program

Our students are placed in mainstream classes due to their designation from the TDSB Identification Committee. We closely monitor these students to support their success. All students with IEPs are given the opportunity to enroll in the General Learning Strategies course (GLE). In grade 9, this course is offered instead of one of their core courses. In GLE, our students are given the extra time and support they need in order to successfully complete the class work from their three other classes. They learn life skills, time management methods, study skills and organizational strategies that will support learning throughout their lives. Students earn a credit for the GLE course. We strongly encourage all of our students with IEPs to take GLE each year. 


Intensive Support Program (ISP) for LD and MID 

Our students are placed in the Intensive Support Program due to their designation from the TDSB Identification Committee. They are offered core grade 9 and 10 classes: English, Math, Science, Civics, Careers, Geography and History in which there are fewer students. These smaller classes move at a pace which is best suited for student success. In addition to the classroom teachers, our students may receive support from Educational Assistants (EAs), Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) and Child & Youth Workers (CYWs). The ISP offers Applied, College, Locally Developed/Essential, and Workplace level credits.


Co-operative Education

The Co-operative Education and school-to-work programmes link the school and our students to industrial, medical, commercial and business communities. This also includes our OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme) in which students acquire both apprenticeship hours and high school credits at the same time. Victoria Park offers a cooperative education program catered to the special learning needs of students with an Individual Education Plan.


Special Education Department Staff Contacts


Vance Scott


Vice Principal for Special Education:

Karl Calhoun


Assistant Curriculum Leaders for Special Education 

Laura Mal and Dava Slater


Guidance Counselor for Special Education:

Ellen Quejada