Yearbook 2021 - We Need YOU!


Yearbook is definitely happening this year, but we are relying on getting our yearbook content from everyone's contributions. The Yearbook Class is asking all students and staff to contribute photos using UPloadIt. Please download the free UPloadIt App from either Google or Apple to your device so you can share photos with the Yearbook crew! We need a portrait/selfie of YOU as well as any photos of:

- Interesting projects, activities or excursions in class / at school 

- New hobbies you've taken up since the pandemic

- Mask fashion

- Who's in your bubble?

- How are you spending your free time? 

- Sports / physical activity outside of school 

This is a great opportunity for everyone in the WHCI community to share their photos and become contributors to what will be a legacy of a yearbook. 

Here's a YouTube video on how to use the App.

If you have any questions please email Ms. Seydoux in Media -


How to use UPLoad It