School Council Documents

WMJPS School Council News

Weston Memorial JPS has a very proud tradition of strong parental involvement in our school.

The School Council is comprised of the following parent representatives
  • Julie Bisson (Co-chair)
  • Jamie Cameron (Co-chair)
  • Adriana Avramova (Treasurer)
  • Siobhan Carroll
  • Maria Russell
  • Misha Tamas
  • Jimmy Tran
  • Kyra Tschesnokow
  • Marya Williams

And the following staff representatives:

  • Sandra DiVincenzo (Teaching Rep)
  • Kimberly Mihaychuk-Nonis (Non-Teaching Rep).

Please read the following attachments which include agendas, meeting minutes, financial reports, and other important information from the School Council. All parents are invited to attend School Council Meetings.

You can also contact the School Council via email at