Visitors to the Centre must bring their own lunch as we do not have a cafeteria or vending machines. Please bring a waste-free lunch. The Field Studies Centre will acceptLitterless Lunch only compostable materials (the remainders of fruit and vegetable snacks can be composted at our facility).

As we do not have proper facilities for garbage. Classes must take home any items that are to be disposed of as well as any recyclables. Please review a "Waste-Free Lunch" with your class before your visit. We would also request that students and staff bring a reusable water bottle instead of disposable bottles. 

EFSC is a Platinum Eco School and we are striving to minimize our waste.  

Waste Free Lunch poster you may share with your students.  It is also available in several other languages: Chinese, Arabic, French, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, and Punjabi.  

Visiting teachers are responsible for supervising students during lunch and for outside free time afterward.  We have a variety of sports equipment that students may use during this time.

Optional Cook Out Lunch (Year Round)

At the Etobicoke Field Studies Centre visiting classes have the option of participate in a cook out lunch.  A cook out lunchCookoutCookout is an exciting and wonderful experience for all students, especially those who have never had the opportunity to cook over an open fire.

The visiting class is responsible for bringing the food for the cookout lunch, which often consists of hot dogs and marshmallows as well as lunch supervision at the fire. Each class must bring 3 adults to supervise a cookout lunch. One adult must remain at the fire at all times.

The EFSC staff will start a fire in our outdoor fire pits. We will also provide metal hot dog skewers for hot dogs and wooden sticks for marshmallows. We will discuss fire etiquette and safety with students prior to cooking.
While some students may not wish to participate in the cook out lunch, all students will eat outside at the picnic tables.

Some Tips and Suggestions for a Successful Cookout Lunch:

  • As only a limited number of students can cook over the fire at one time, ask the students to bring a light lunch or snack to eat while they are waiting to cook.
  • Ensure that veggie, chicken, and halal hot dogs are available for students with special dietary requirements. If you are unsure about individual dietary needs, ask each student to bring his or her own hot dog/s from home.
  • If a class wishes to roast marshmallows, we ask that students do not use the metal skewers provided. We will provide wooden sticks for roasting. As an alternative, visiting classes may want to bring bamboo shish-kebab sticks for marshmallow roasting.
  • Most marshmallows contain gelatin made from pork by-products. If dietary requirements involve not eating pork products, marshmallows with fish or beef gelatin or other alternatives can usually be found at Kosher and Halal stores.
  • Cookout Lunches often require more time (approx. 60 min) than regular lunches. EFSC Staff can modify both the content and the time of your afternoon program.

Delicious Cookout Lunches: Expand your students’ culinary skills with this delicious recipes!

Smores (A Classic)


Graham Crackers*
Chocolate pieces
Roast marshmallow over the fire.
Place marshmallow and chocolate piece on graham cracker.

Top with another graham cracker and enjoy.

*A great alternative to buying graham crackers and chocolate pieces, is to use chocolate chip cookies or chocolate digestive cookies (the cookies with chocolate coating) in their place!