Lunch Options

There are three lunch options while visiting EFSC:

1.  Students may bring a waste-free boomerang lunch which means that students are responsible for taking homeWaste-Free lunch any garbage or recyclable items that they bring.  The Field Studies Centre will accept compostable materials (fruit and vegetables).  Please review a "Waste-Free-Lunch" with your students before your visit.  Please also encourage your students to bring reusable water bottles for their visit rather than disposable water bottles.

Waste Free Lunch poster you may share with your students. It is also available in several other languages: Chinese, Arabic,
French, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, and Punjabi.

2.  You may bring food for a cookout (hotdogs, marshmallows etc.).  Please be aware that this option will require a minimum of two adult supervisors.  One to monitor students at the fire while the other supervises the remaining students.

3.  You may order pizza upon arrival at the Centre.  Pizza Pizza will deliver to us if they are given our school phone number and address.  The contact number for them is 310-1111.



Please note that visiting schools are responsible for providing and/or ordering the food for lunch.