Information around TDSB and Forest Valley Policy and Procedures

What forms are required?

The classroom teacher is required to bring the following report and completed permission forms:
Student Excursion Report by Class Code. This report can be obtained from your school’s Office Administrator.  It is in Report Generator  listed as ’Student Excursion by class’. This form provides a summary of student emergency information.

NOTE:  If your class is hoping to use the tubing hill (weather dependent), parents/guardians must be informed of the importance of wearing a properly fitting CSA approved hockey or a skiing/snowboard helmet certified by a recognized safety standards association (e.g., ASTM, CE, Snell).  As per OPHEA Guidelines, a properly fitting CSA approved hockey or a skiing/snowboard helmet certified by a recognized safety standards association will be provided, and is mandatory for all participants.  Students may, if the parents/guardians choose, bring their own CSA approved snow sport helmet with them to Forest Valley.

What are the required supervision ratios?

The TDSB Excursion Policy guidelines for minimum adult supervisors (for classes up to 30 students) are as follows:

Kindergarten: 3 (for greater than 30 students, follow a 1:10 ratio)

Grade 1 – 8: 2 (for greater than 30 students, follow a 1:15 ratio)

Grade 9 – 12: 1 (for greater than 30 students, follow a 1:30 ratio)

COOKOUT    Minimum of 3 adults per class regardless of class size  

Since volunteers are coming on the excursion to assist with students in your classroom, they are not permitted to bring along other children.   We encourage all adults to play an active role in the program and support student learning. Please note that, depending on the size and needs of your class, we recommend bringing no more than 3 volunteers.  Please let the person working with your class know if additional volunteers are required to support student learning.

Information for Volunteers

How much does the trip cost?

Your program confirmation will contain the cost for your students.

            Full Day Visit                      $7.50 per student

            Full Day Visit (LOI)             $3.00 per student

Transportation costs are including in the user fee for this trip.  Please note that user fees for schools in the top third of the Learning Opportunity Index (LOI) are subsidized. There is no charge for adult supervisors.  

All user fee money collected from students to cover the trip should be given to your school’s office.  
Forest Valley will complete an Electronic Journal Entry based on the actual number of students participating in the program and will send an electronic receipt to your school's Office Administrator. 

To ensure that no student is denied an Outdoor Education Opportunity because of an inability to pay, please explore alternatives through agencies such as Day Trippers:

What do I need to know about transportation?

Your bus to and from Forest Valley is pre-arranged by our site.  The cost for the bus is already included in your user fee.  It should be at your school to pick up your class by 9:15 am. Often buses are waiting outside your school; please arrange to have someone watching for its arrival.  If the bus has not arrived at your school by 9:30 on the day of your trip, please contact Forest Valley’s main line at 416-395-5110.  

There are twenty four seats (twelve rows) on a bus. Primary and junior students can be seated three students per seat.  We recommend that you distribute supervising adults evenly among the students.  If two classes from your school are coming to Forest Valley on the same day they will be sharing a bus.   If you have high student numbers, you may have to organize adult volunteers to come along in a separate car.  The afternoon bus leaves Forest Valley OEC just before 2:00 pm.

The Bus Manifest can be used to create your class seating plan.

What if the classroom teacher is absent?

If the classroom teacher is absent, please inform the Site Supervisor at Forest Valley OEC as soon as possible.  As per the TDSB Excursion Policy, a teacher who knows the students, Vice-Principal or Principal must accompany the students for the whole trip.  If this cannot be arranged, we will try and reschedule your visit.