Information to Help Support Student Learning

What do we wear?

While at Forest Valley, students learn outside in all types of weather. Please remind students (and adult volunteers) to dress for the weather and be prepared for active participation (this includes wearing appropriate footwear).  We have a variety of warm clothing, boots, hats and mittens that can be loaned to participants as required. 

Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts protect against UV rays, mosquitoes (West Nile virus) and deer ticks (Lyme disease).  Your experience at Forest Valley will involve being outside so it is important, for your safety and enjoyment, to dress appropriately.  

The PDF's below can be printed and sent home with students prior to your trip.

    Dressing for the weather

En Francais:
     Se Habiller Pour Le Temps 

Rain boots

What are the options at lunch?

Forest Valley is a Nut Safe Space
Do not bring nut products for lunch or snack.

Forest Valley is a Platinum EcoSchool. Help us continue to improve by following our eco tips and suggestions to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Forest Valley does not have any cafeteria facilities. Classes must bring their own lunch. 

There are two lunch options at Forest Valley, a Waste-Free Lunch or Cookout.

 Waste Free LunchDejeuner sans dechets 

The goal of the Waste Free Lunch is to minimize the garbage produced by students.  This works best when it has been planned ahead.  Students, staff and volunteers are encouraged to reduce waste by:

  • keeping and reusing as many items as possible;
  • recycling glass, plastic, pop cans, and juice boxes;
  • composting fruit and vegetable scraps.

Students of all ages can make a conscious, environmentally responsible choice by asking for fruit or vegetables to add to their lunch!

Cookout- waste free

If you are planning on doing a cook-out with your class, please ensure to bring all of the food required with you.  It is best if you plan to be as waste-free as possible (buy in bulk, plan a common menu for class, etc.). 
Remember, cook-outs must be hot dog based and have two additional adult volunteers PER CLASS.

After Eating

Student supervision at lunch is the responsibility of the visiting teacher.  When your class is finished eating, you are encouraged to take them outside for a brief period of outdoor play.  

What if my students usually have snack?

Forest Valley OEC is a Peanut-Safe facility. 
To keep everyone safe, please do not bring peanut products for lunch or snack.  
We do not provide hot chocolate or lemonade.

If your class usually starts the day with a snack we can make accommodations if necessary.  Please let us know ahead of time and be sure to fit it into your schedule for the day.


Can we go tubing?

If there is enough snow for all classes to safely participate, we will open our tubing hill for this Forest Valley led, highly structured, approximately 25 min., tubing activity.

  • Forest Valley staff will decide on the morning of your trip if tubing is possible, after considering factors such as amount of snow, weather etc.
  • If our hill is open, we will automatically allocate your class time on the hill.  
  • We will also ask you and your volunteers to help monitor students as they await their turn on the hill and to supervise students as they exit their tube and return to the safety cue.
As per OPHEA Guidelines, a properly fitting CSA approved hockey or a skiing/snowboard helmet certified by a recognized safety standards association will be provided, and is mandatory for all participants.  Students may, if the parents/guardians choose, bring their own CSA approved snow sport helmet with them to Forest Valley.