Air and Water in the Environment

Possible Framing Questions:  

Why is air and water important? 
Where do we find air and water in our environment? 
How might human actions affect air and water?
How do living things use air and water at Forest Valley today?

Learning Goal 
If we measure how the water and air cycles and interacts with everything in Forest Valley, then we will develop more appreciation for how our actions impact the quality of air and water and its ability to sustain life.

Please click on the words below to plan a complete learning cycle that includes your visit, and pre and post activities.

How do I prepare my students for this visit? (Plan)
What will we do at Forest Valley?  (Act)
How can I document learning? (Observe)
What are some possible follow up activities?  (Reflect)

measuring the wind
I wonder if there is more wind at the bottom or the top of the valley?