Learning Skills Development

Please note that all participants must wear appropriate clothing, shoes that are securely fastened, no exposed jewelry and long hair must be tied back.

Framing Question  
What learning skills do we need and how do we develop the character to improve them?
Learning Goal 
If students and teachers have the opportunity to intentionally develop the learning skills and character traits needed to develop a learning community, then they will understand how to apply them here at Forest Valley, back at school and in the rest of their lives.

Please click on the words below to plan a complete learning cycle that includes your visit, and  pre and post activities.
How do I prepare my students for this visit? (Plan)

What will we do at Forest Valley?  (Act)
How can I document learning? (Observe)
What are some possible follow up activities? (Reflect)

bullring golf
How can we collaborate to help the Earth?