Exploring Light Through Digital Photography

Possible Framing Questions:

How do we use light to take digital photographs?
How can we use digital photography to record properties of light?
How does digital photography help us explore emphasis?
How do living things use light and sound and what is the impact of light and sound in nature?

Learning Goal 
If students explore the elements of design and the principle of emphasis through digital nature photography at Forest Valley, then they will experience the properties of light and sound in action and be better able to assess their impact on our environment. 

Please click on the words below to plan a complete learning cycle that includes your visit, and  pre and post activities.

How do I prepare my students for this visit? (Plan)
What will we do at Forest Valley?  (Act)
How can I document learning? (Observe)
What are some possible follow up activities?  (Reflect)

student photography
Student Nature Photography