Learning Skills Development - Challenge Course

Please note that all participants must wear appropriate clothing, shoes that are securely fastened, no exposed jewelry and long hair must be tied back.

Possible Framing Questions:

  • What learning skills are we focussing on?  What can we do to continue developing these skills and contribute to the success of the group?
  • How can we apply the learning skills we developed at  _______ (school)?
  • How can strengthening our learning skills help us and how can we apply them at school and other communities?

Learning Goal 
If students and teachers have the opportunity to intentionally develop and demonstrate the learning skills and character traits needed to support a learning community, then they will understand how to apply them here at Forest Valley, back at school and in the rest of their lives.

A Note about your day:  We will make every effort to use the low ropes challenge course with your students, however factors (e.g., weather and group readiness) may prevent us from doing so.  The staff member working with your class will contact you before your trip and confirm programming options based on a number of factors including the needs of your class.  You will also be consulted throughout the day on class readiness as we build up to the challenge course elements.  Please review the associated OPHEA Guidelines with your students prior to your trip and ensure to review the documents below.  Alternative connected programs may include the extension of co-operative games. 

Please click on the words below to plan a complete learning cycle that includes your visit, and  pre and post activities.

How do I prepare my students for this visit? (Plan)
What will we do at Forest Valley?  (Act)
How can I document learning? (Observe)
What are some possible follow up activities?  (Reflect)

                                       Challenge Course Element