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Staff and Classes

Updated- Nov. 5, 2017

Office Staff

 Principal  Sam Miceli 
 Vice-Principal - Surnames A-K  Christine Lee
 Vic- Principal- Surnames L-Z  Meredith Tuck
 Office-Administrator  Helene Kingsley
 Attendance Secretary  Jacqueline Brown
 Budget Secretary- On Assignment  Janis Walker
 Budget Secretary- Interim  Anna Martino
 Student Services Secretary  Sue Connor


 Andrews, Janice- On Leave  Teacher- Math, Physics
 Ansuh, Gyiabour  Teacher- Math
 Beaulieu, Kelly  Assistant Curriculum Leader- Arts
 Bourgeois, Olivia  Teacher- Immersion, Geo, Sociology
 Brandon, Adrienne  Teacher- English
 Brozyna, Andrea  Assistant Curriculum Leader - Canadian & World Studies, Social Sciences & Humanities
 Buy, Kevin- Long Term Occasional  Teacher- Math, Science
 Calabria-Yaworski, Olga  Teacher- Cooperative Education
 Cardoni, Julie  Teacher- Immersion, Visual Arts
 Centofante, Sandra  Teacher- Core, Immersion, Moderns
 Colbert, Michael  Assistant Curriculum Leader- Mathematics, Numeracy
 Coulter, James  Teacher, Biology, Science
 Couvreaux, Nadine  Teacher- (Half Time), Immersion, Core
 Dhamo, Armand  Teacher- Immersion History, Law
 Di Marco, Margaret  Teacher- English
 Diomis, Voula  Teacher- Health and Physical Education
 Dipchand, Kurt  Teacher- Immersion, Drama, Geo, HPE
 Dougherty, Teal  Teacher- Library, Special Education
 Dragonieri, Marcel- Long Term Occasional  Teacher- English, .5
 Eng, Brian  Teacher- Careers, History
 Fontes, Jane  Curriculum Leader- French Immersion (Extended, Core)/ Spanish
 Foster, Adam  Teacher- Computer Science, Math
 Fralick, Jocelyn- .5 LTO  Teacher- Immersion/Extended
 Gehbauer, Peter  Teacher- Business, Library
 Giroux, Andrew- .5  Teacher- Science
 Giuliani, David  Teacher- Geography
 Haden-Reeves, Deborah  Guidance Counsellor- surnames A-K
 Heron, Radcliffe  Teacher- Mathematics
 Johnstone, Scott  Teacher- English, Media Studies
 Kelleymaharaj, Usha  Assistant Curriculum Leader- Science
 Koumoutseas, Stath  Curriculum Leader- H and PE, Athletics, Co-  Curricular, TDSSAA
 Landriault, Michael- .5 LTO  Teacher- Science, Math
 Lasan, Natasa  Teacher- Business, Math
 Lau Liew, Carol  Curriculum Leader- Student Services-Guidance Counsellor- surnames L-Z
 Legault, Andrea  Teacher- Immersion, Civics, Student Success
 Manitaros, Emmy  Teacher- Food/Nutrition, Sociology
 McDonagh-Vella, Maureen  Teacher- History, Humanities, Social Science
 Markakos, Georgia  Assistant Curriculum Leader- Business, Comp  Science, Graphics, Photography
 McAlpine, Peter- On Leave  
 Mehic, Sam  Teacher- Science, Physics
 Muere, Melody- .5 LTO  Teacher- Immersion
 Montgomery, James  Teacher- Immersion, Extended, Geography
 Morris, Jill  Teacher- English
 Musialik, John  Teacher- English
 Niehaus, Liz  Teacher- Immersion Business, Financial Securities
 O'Brien, Catherine  Teacher- Music
 O'Leary, Phan  Teacher- Mathematics
 Osachoff, Fred  Teacher- Mathematics, Music
 Panas, Ryan- .5    Teacher- Health& Phys-Ed
 Parkes, Roberta- On Leave  
 Pereira, Lily  Curriculum Leader- English, Literacy, Library
 Pugsley, Joanne  Teacher- Chemistry
 Ragno, Lino  Teacher- Graphics, Photography
 Richards, Dean- Long Term Occasional  Teacher- English, .5
 Romano, Emily  Teacher- Special Education
 Salama, Joseph- On Leave  
 Sexsmith, Michael  Assistant Curriculum Leader- Leadership
 Sloan, Ryan  Teacher- Business, Economics, HPE
 Tripodis, Alex   Teacher- Science .5
 Vukosavljevic, Vanja  Teacher- Immersion, Extended, Civics
 Williams, Ryan- Long Term Occasional  Teacher- Chemistry, Science
 Zdebiak, Christine- On Leave  Teacher- English

Support Staff

 Ceurstemont, Kim  Psychologist
 Clark, Gaye- On Leave  School Based Safety Monitor
 Elliott, Jill  Social Worker
 Gardener, Michelle  Child and Youth Worker .5
 Gryschuk, Isobella  Education Assistant
 Jama, Ladan  Safety Monitor
 Masson, Diane  Attendance Counsellor

Caretaking Staff

 Inches, Rodney Head Caretaker- Day Shift
 Gauci, Charles Day Shift
 Vokrri, Joe Shift Leader, Evening
 Otter, Dale Evening Shift
 Kennedy-Sargeant , Roxanne Evening Shift

Nutrition Staff

Claros, Melba; Taormina, Joyce



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