Richview's camp experiences endeavour to help students "Break Down Walls and Build Community." Students often enter Richview with established social groups, and some enter without any established community at all. These camps focus on building connections between all students in order to build a stronger sense of The Richview Community as a whole. Our end goal is to create a community where every student is valued for who they are, just the way they are, and that each student has members of the Richview community to support them in growing into everything they hope to be.

It is our hope that every grade nine student attends Muskoka Woods at the end of January. Students are randomly placed into a colour group at the beginning of the year, which becomes their family for the entire week up at camp. Throughout the week, students will move through different activities that challenge them and help them to make new friends, build confidence, and develop character.

Many of our Grade 10 students choose to attend the Mono Cliffs weekend leadership camps in Grade 10. This camp serves the same purpose of “Breaking Down Walls and Building Community” but does so in a much smaller environment. This camp serves as a bridge between the junior “camper” experience and the “senior leader” experience.

At certain times of the year, applications for both camps can be accessed using the links below.

Leadership and Peer Support - GPP3O 

This course prepares students to act in leadership and peer support roles.  Students will design and implement a plan for contributing to their school and community; develop skills in communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, and conflict management; and apply those skills in leadership and peer support roles. Students will examine group dynamics and learn the value of diversity within groups and communities. Leadership Course Outline