Staff and Classes

Richview Collegiate Institute - Staff List 2018-2019
** Curriculum Leader * Assistant Curriculum Leader
KLE Kletke, Lucie Principal
LEE Lee, Christine Vice-Principal
TUC Tuck, Meredith Vice-Principal
AND Andrews, Janice Mathematics
ANS Ansuh, Gyiabour Mathematics
BEA *Beaulieu, Kelly The Arts
BES Besik, Fred Englisyh, Geography, History
BOD Boodoo, Nikita English, Core French
BOU Bourgeois, Olivia Geography, Intro to Anthropology
BRA Brandon, Adrienne English
BRO *Brozyna, Andrea Canadian & World Studies
CAL Calabria, Olga Co-operative Education
CAR Cardoni, Julie Drama, French Imm, Native Studies
COL *Colbert, Michael Mathematics
CLT *Coulter, James Science
COU Couvreux, Nadine French Immersion (.5 on Day 2/4)
DHA Dhamo, Armand French Immersion, History, Law
DMA Di Marco, Margaret English
DIA Dias, Cristina Chemistry, Phys. Ed., Science
DIO Diomis, Voula Kinesiology, Phys. Ed.
DIP Dipchand, Kurt Core/Immersion French, Geography
DOU Dougherty, Teal Library, Special Education
ENG Eng, Brian Civics, History, Mathematics
FON **Fontes, Jane Modern Languages
FOS Foster, Adam Intro Comp. Studies, Comp. Science, Mathematics
FRA Fralick, Jocelyn Civics, Core/Extended French
GIR Giroux, Andrew Biology, Mathematics, Science
GIU Giuliani, Dave Forces of Nature, Geography, World Issues
HAD Haden-Reeves, Deborah Student Services
HER Heron, Radcliffe Mathematics
HIN Hind-Powell, Sarah English
JOH Johnstone, Scott Media Art, Media, Interdisciplinary Studies
KOU **Koumoutseas, Stath Health & Physical Education
LAD Ladd, Kelly Business, Core/Extended French
LAN Landriault, Michael Business, Bus. Leadership, English, Inter. Studies
LAS Lasan, Natasa Business, Mathematics, Special Education
LAU **Lau Liew, Carol Student Services
LEG Legault, Andrea Civics, French Immersion, Student Success
MAN Manitaros, Emmy Intro to Anthropology, Family Studies
MAR *Markakos, Georgia Business
MCD McDonagh-Vella, Maureen Intro to Anthropology, Philosophy, World History
MEH Mehic, Sam Physics, Science
MEN Mente, Peter Mathematics, Science
MOY Montgomery, James Extended/Immersion French, Guidance, History, World History
MUS Musialik, John English
OBR O'Brien, Catherine Music
OLE O'Leary, Phan Mathematics
OSA Osachoff, Fred Mathematics, Music, Native Studies
PAN Panas, Ryan Kinesiology, Phys. Ed., Phys. Ed. Leadership
PER **Pereira, Lily English/Library
PUG Pugsley, Joanne Chemistry, Science
RAG Ragno, Lino Comm. Tech., Photography, Print & Graphics
ROM Romano, Emily Special Education
SES *Sexsmith, Michael Student Leadership
SLN Sloan, Ryan Business, Economics
SLY Slywynska, Ivanka Mathematics, Science
THO Thomas-Reynolds, Korina Core, Extended, Immersion French
TRI Tripodis, Alex Biology, Science
VUK Vukosavljevic, Vanja Business, English, Immersion French
ZDE Zdebiak, Christine English, Library
  Office Adminstrator Bruno, Tracy
  Senior Office Assistant Marrelli, Claudia
  Office Assistant Brown, Jackie (Attendance)
  Office Assistant Connor, Sue (Guidance)
  Head Caretaker Inches, Rodney
  Caretaker Gaucci, Charles
  Caretaker Kennedy-Sargeant, Roxanne
  Caretaker Otter, Dale
  Shift Leader Vokrri, Joe
  School Based Safety Monitor Clark, Gaye
  Educational Assistant Gryschuk, Isobella
  Child & Youth Worker Harvey, Richardo (alternate days)
  Cafeteria Supervisor Margaritis, Dina
  Cafeteria Quesada, Melba
  Cafeteria Taormina, Joyce


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