Our Staff

Staff and Classes

Richview C.I. - Staff 2021-2022

Kletke, Lucie - Principal

Bediako-Amoah, Nana – Vice Principal (A-L)

Dabas, Vaneeta – Vice Principal (M-Z)

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Alessandrini, Christopher - Fr. Immersion
Andrews, Janice - Mathematics
Kocic, Jovan - Arts, Drama
Baxter, Lindsay - English
Bhardwaj, Renu - Business, Science
Bourgeois, Olivia - Guidance, FR Immersion
Brandon, Adrienne - English
Brozyna, Andrea - ACL, Library, Digital Learning & Tech
Calabria, Olga - Co-operative Education
Cardoni, Julie - Fr. Immersion
Centofante, Sandra - Fr. Immersion, Spanish
Colbert, Michael - ACL, Mathematics
Coulter, James - Biology, Science
Dhamo, Armand - Fr. Immersion
Di Marco, Margaret - English
Diomis, Voula - Physical Education
Dipchand, Kurt - ACL, Equity and Leadership
Dougherty, Teal - ACL, Spec. Ed.
Eng, Brian - History
Fontes, Jane - ACL, Moderns Languages/FR/Spanish
Fralick, Jocelyn - Extended French
Foster, Adam - Computer Science, Mathematics
Giroux, Andrew - ACL, Science
Giuliani, Dave - Geography, World Studies
Gloster, Darin - Science
Janetos, Samantha - FR Immersion
Grech, Ann - English, Anthropology
Grill, Nadine - FR Immersion
Haden-Reeves, Deb - Sekhon, Gurmeet - Mathematics
Heron, Radcliffe - Mathematics
Jefferies, Cameron - History
Johnstone, Scott - Media Art/Interdiscipiliary Studies
Kasinski, Amy - ACL, English/Literacy/Media
Koumoutseas, Stath - ACL, Physical Education I
Krantz, Lee - Mathematics
Lau Liew, Carol - Guidance
Lasan, Natasa - Mathematics
Legault, Andrea - FR Immersion
Manitaros, Emmy - ACL, World Studies, Family Studies
Markakos, Georgia - ACL , Business
Mehic, Sam - Physics, Science
Mente, Peter - Science
McDonagh-Vella, Maureen - Guidance, World Studies
Montgomery, James - Guidance, FR Immersion
Niehaus, Liz - ACL, French Cross Curriculars
O'Brien, Catherine - Music, Mathematics
O'Leary, Phan - Mathematics, Learning Strategies
Osachoff, Fred - Mathematics, Music
Perry, Matt - ACL, Guidance
Pugsley, Joanne - Chemistry, Science
Rathuge, Shani - FR Immersion
Ragno, Lino - Photography
Romano, Emily - Special Education
Sexsmith, Michael - ACL, Physical Education II
Simone, Gregory  Business, Phys. Ed.
Szoke, Monika - Mathematics, Science
Tripodis, Alex - Biology, Science
Tsang, Wesley - ACL, Arts
Zdebiak, Christine - English
Szulc, Samantha - French Immersion


Support Staff:

Bruno, Tracy - Office Administrator
Connnor, Sue  - Senior Office Assistant (Budget/Guidance)
Brown, Jackie - Office Assistant 
Clark, Gaye - School Based Safety Monitor
Boricic, Ivana - AM Office Assistant (Reception)
Gryscuk, Isobella - Educational Assistant
Buonaiuto, Alexandra - Office Assistant (Attendance)
Caretaking Staff:
De Florimonte, Ray - Head Caretaker
Gauci, Charles - Shift Leader
Kennedy-Sargeant, Roxanne 
Mathews, Dorothy
Stewart, Delroy
Child & Youth Worker:
Mattis, Liz
Cafeteria Services:
Margartitis, Dina - Supervisor
Quesada, Melba
Taormina, Joyce