Google Classroom & Brightspace

Please note that Google Classroom and Brightspace class sites are not publicly accessible.

Google Classroom

As a parent, you can receive Guardian Email Summaries enabling you to keep track of your student's classroom progress.

Google Classroom Guardian Email Summaries include:

  • Missing work - Work that is late at the time the email was sent.
  • Upcoming Work - Work that's due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that's due in the upcoming week. (for weekly emails)
  • Class Activity - Announcements, assignments and questions recently posted by teachers.
As a guardian, you must receive and accept an email invitation before you can receive email summaries.


This TDSB Brightspace for Parents/Guardians website contains all the information you need to create a Brightspace for Parents account and access updates about your student's learning:
  • Late or Overdue Assignments, Quizzes and Content that have due dates or end dates
  • An aggregated Activity Feed from all the child's classrooms. 
  • Upcoming work
  • Recent grades that have been released by the teacher
  • All portfolio items that a teacher has shared with parents through the new Portfolio tool