Canadian & World Studies...

Canadian and World Studies
Social Sciences and the Humanities

The broad term "social science" encompasses dozens of courses that are offered in the Ontario secondary school curriculum. These courses are grouped by the Ministry of Education into two curriculum areas.


Canadian and World Studies
Civics | Economics | Geography | History | Law 

In Canadian and World Studies, students develop skills, knowledge and understanding, and attitudes that will serve them both inside and outside the classroom, including in the world of work and as responsible citizens in the various communities to which they belong.
Ontario Curriculum, Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9 and 10, revised 2013 | Grades 11 and 12, revised 2015


Social Sciences and Humanities
Family Studies | General Social Sciences | Philosophy 

The discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities, and its related knowledge and skills, has connections with many other disciplines taught in secondary school. Through their studies in social sciences and humanities courses, students are able to bring a broader perspective, integrate useful knowledge, and apply critical-thinking skills when studying other subjects... 
Ontario Curriculum, Social Sciences and Humanities, Grades 11 and 12, revised 2013


Course Descriptions and Outlines

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