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BB201 - Business Project

Grade 10 Introduction to Business

Dragons’ Den Business Venture Project

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is the importance of businesses and entrepreneurs in our communities. This quadmester, students in Introduction to Business (BB120) had a chance to experience what it is like to embark on a new business venture. Working in groups of three, students brainstormed about businesses they would like to start, explored the viability of their business ideas, discovered barriers to entry, problem solved and eventually pitched their idea to a panel of business experts.

We were pleased to have the expertise of two amazing industry trailblazers. Albert Ho is a speaker, consultant, and author of Checkmate: How to Win the Sales Game in Healthcare. He currently serves as a Project Manager at William Osler Health System. Rhiannon Rosalind is CEO of the Economic Club of Canada, an organization which under her leadership has put on numerous events with business insiders such as Amanda Lang and Jeremy Rudin and high profile individuals such as Michelle Obama and Barack Obama.

Modeled after the CBC’s Dragons’ Den, our current virtual learning status did not limit the creativity for this project. Students created websites, mocked up pictures of their proposed products and made their presentations to an online audience. Some of the ideas included: Dronedash - food delivered by drones; Reflecto Fit fitness mirror: Freeze-B-Gone - a product that eliminates the need to clear snow, Ergo-gel - ergonomic chairs; Backpack X - ergonomic backpacks; The Shampoo Dispensary- refillable personal care items; Tucked-N - a smart bed; The Zone – wireless charging speaker; SmartDoor – security system; The Bread Box Café -allergen free baked goods.

In addition to the creativity displayed by these students, the panelists were struck by how each of the proposed businesses took ethical and environmental concerns into consideration. Students were very keen on creating businesses that were better for the environment and better for the world, some of the key features covered in our lessons and course readings.


Top scores were awarded as follows:

Best Presentation:  Ergo-Gel (ergonmic chair), Abigail, Lily, Amanda, The Shampoo Dispensary (refillable personal care products), Tessa D., Joanna, Jenna

Most Creative/Innovative Idea:  Dronedash (customized autonomous food delivery drones), Matteo G., Tristan, Nate, Tucked-N Smart Bed, Gabriel, Vincent, Jurgen

Most Marketable Idea:  Dronedash (drone food delivery service) Matteo G, Tristan, Nate, The Shampoo Dispensary (refillable personal care products), Tessa D., Jonna, Jenna, Tucked-N Smart Bed, Gabriel, Vincent, Jurgeon


The main purpose of this preparatory business course is to introduce students to basic concepts and encourage them to take more specialized courses in marketing, accounting, business leadership, international business and finance in higher grades. Based on what they demonstrated during this activity, there are definitely future entrepreneurs among this group.

Business Project photos


DECA is a high school Business Club where students from around the Province get to compete and learn about various aspects of finance, marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship. Richview’s DECA Business Club provides enrichment for students interested in a business-related career or for those who simply enjoy a competitive business challenge.  Students are required to showcase their oral and written skills by competing in realistic business situations and writing a multiple choice exam.  Students gain valuable experience that can be applied to everyday scenarios both in their occupational field and in their daily lives.

Upon successfully competing at Regionals in November, twenty-one of our students qualified and advanced to DECA’s 41st Annual Ontario Provincial Competition, which took place at the Toronto Sheraton Centre from February 7th to 8th.   At this event, just under 8,000 students from 300 high schools in Ontario came together, all dressed in business attire, ready to showcase their skills and share their passion for business.  At Provincials, many of our students came away with personal best scores, earning either medals or ribbons for their written exam, their oral role plays, or both.  Congratulations to all who competed, with a special shout out to Alexa D. and Emelie G. for receiving an award and placing Top 18 in their Oral Team event.  In addition, Emilija K. was also awarded a medal as a Top 15 Written Event Finalist in her category.   

DECA provided an amazing opportunity for Richview students to sharpen their public speaking skills, apply and grow their ability to problem solve real life scenarios, and network with students from across Ontario. Thank you to our DECA teacher advisors, Mrs. Markakos, Mrs. Niehaus and Mr. Landriault for their dedication and hard work in ensuring all DECA students have a positive learning experience.

Amazing things happen when you join DECA!!!


Canadian Energy – A New Vision Emerging

On Monday, October 28th, 2019, Richviews’ Grade 12 Economic’ students participated in an Economics field trip to the  One King West Hotel – 1 King West Street, Toronto to partake in the “Canadian Energy – A New Vision Emerging” Excursion – in collaboration with the Economic Club of Canada.  For this one day event, students heard from two of Canada’s investment titans for a productive, pragmatic, and fact-based discussion on the road forward for Canada’s largest industry: Canadian Energy. The two speakers students heard from are Mac Van Wielingen, Founder & Partner of ARC Financial and from John Stackhouse, Senior VP, of  the Office of the CEO for Royal Bank of Canada.



On Thursday, November 21st, eight senior accounting students participated in CPA’s No Limits Accounting Conference.  Participants got an opportunity to explore careers in accounting and directly connect with decision makers and leaders in the world of business.  Students took part in a series of high-energy, interactive workshops that focused on teamwork, professionalism, networking and business etiquette. Attendees got an opportunity to build their network by meeting with CPAs from different industries and discovering where the CPA designation can take them.  Students were motivated to stretch their abilities and break through limits as the result is usually immeasurable confidence and resiliency.   Mrs. Markakos is proud of all students who participated in the various activities and represented Richview in a very professional business manner.   A special congratulations to Omar J. , David H. and Mariam M. for winning prizes. All students left the conference with some CPA swag and an inspiration to always reach for their “North Star”.

Women in Capital Markets SheBiz Toronto Conference

On Friday, November 29th, 2019, Richview’s female business students participated in a business field trip to the University of Toronto, Desautel Hall, Rotman Commerce, 125 St. George Street, Toronto, to attend the Women in Capital Markets SheBiz Toronto Conference. WCM SheBiz is a complimentary day-long event hosted for female high school students in grade nine through eleven. WCM SheBiz offer participants unique access to business and STEM leaders and exposure to the exciting career opportunities available in these fields. WCM SheBiz fosters the next generation to pursue opportunities in these fields and break down these barriers of gender imbalance. Attached to this parent form package is the SheBiz event itinerary. Please review this to see the schedule of events for the day.

Eaton Centre

On Friday, November 29th, 2019, Richview’s Grade 11 Marketing students participated in a marketing field trip to the Eaton Centre – 220 Yonge Street, Toronto to analyze marketing strategies (e.g. promotion, pricing, product positioning and placement of stores and kiosks) for “Black Friday” and the holiday season. Students learned how marketing influences consumers and competition. In order for students to demonstrate their learning, students will complete a group assignment, in which they will collect marketing related observations, by taking notes, photographs and answering questions that relate to the fundamental marketing concepts that students have learned thus far in the marketing course.

Japan 2019

March Break 2019:Business Trip to JAPAN

Over the March Break, twenty-five students along with their teacher chaperones, Mrs. Markakos and Mr. Mehic, participated in a trip of a lifetime to Japan.The trip began in Tokyo where the students experienced the hustle and bustle of the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market, they learned about the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and visited the Meiji Shrine, the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Sensoji Temple.Students also got an opportunity to learn about hybrid technologies at the Toyota Mega Web Car Theme Park, experience math and science through hands-on activities at the ReSuPia in the Panasonic Centre, and explore the Hakone Open-Air Museum which hosts over 120 works of permanent outdoor sculptures.The tour of Tokyo would not be complete without a visit to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park to enjoy views of Mt. Fuji, an iconic volcano which has come to symbolize Japan, and sample black eggs.

From Tokyo, the group took a bullet train to Kyoto and got to admire one of it’s iconic sites, the beautiful Golden Pavilion Temple.Students also explored the trails of the Fushimi Inari Shrine where they walked through corridors of thousands of bright red gates.While in Kyoto, students navigated through Arashiyama’s lush bamboo forests and then walked up to the Monkey Park where the fed monkeys and enjoyed the panoramic views of the city.Students also enjoyed a day trip to Nara where they visited the Todaiji Temple and encountered hundreds of deer, which they were able to touch and feed.

While in Japan, students learned from a sushi chef how to prepare sushi and then eat their own creations.Students also participated in a meditation class which was led by a Zen Buddhist monk, which was followed by an informal tea ceremony at the Daisen-In Temple.

Overall, the trip provided many first-time and unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.Thank you to all who participated for the beautiful memories.







March Break 2018 Business Trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Eighteen students and two staff chaperones experienced a trip of a lifetime to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand over March Break 2018. They got an opportunity to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, hike up the Ba Den Mountain, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat and discover the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

The group visited local businesses, including a coffee factory, a silk farm, a local artisan handicraft center and a flower market. Students learned how to bargain in local markets, participated in a tai chi lesson in Lumpini Park, took part in a pottery class where they learned how to make the Angkorian bowl and experienced the art of calligraphy in Ho Chi Minh Park.

Students learned how to prepare traditional and delicious Khmer dishes under the guidance of a local chef. Once the cooking was done, students enjoyed their very own Cambodian culinary creations.



Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam Photos

Dragon Nest Finale

Richview's Grade 11 Marketing classes, recently participated in the Dragon's Nest highly experiential program.  Each Dragons' Nest project brings together students with business partners to create their own "entrepreneurial venture" and make it happen.  Students, as well as their teachers and business partners become truly entrpreneurial, they think creatively, explore possibilities, experiment, communicate, collaborate and learn critical thinking.

On Tuesday, May 15th the following grade 11 Marketing students participated in the Dragon's Nest Finale:  Ratiba A., Matthew F., Brian L. and Richard P.  These students formed two venture groups, the "Blind Guider" (Ratiba) and the "Hover Bag" (Matthew, Brian and Richard).  These two ventures were selected, out of a total of 220 ventures throughout the GTA, to be two of the eight finalists to compete in the Dragon's Nest Finale.

At this event, students were given the opportunity to present their "entrepreneurial venture" to a panel of business experts.  Based on the judging criteria from the business experts, a winning team was selected (Lavender 4 Lives, Etobicoke School of The Arts) and awarded a $3,000.00 business grant, courtesy of Ryerson University, to be used to continue to pursue and expand their business project.  The event was a success and the Richview students were appreciative and grateful for the experiential learning opportunity.

Congratulations to all students who participated, what an amazing experiential opportunity!


Dragon Nest Finale Photos

University of Waterloo’s Financial Literacy Competition

On Wednesday May 24th, twenty-two Grade 10 Business students rose to the challenge and competed in the University of Waterloo’s Financial Literacy Competition. This online challenge tests students’ knowledge of personal finance, wealth management, accounting and finance. The top 3 scores are awarded a scholarship to the University of Waterloo’s prestigious School of Accounting and Finance program. Results will be published the week of June 5th.

Congratulations to all of our Grade 10 participants:

Molly C, Tyson E, Christopher R, Madeleine Y, Vashinee U, Brayden Y, Owen G, Richard P, John A, Lesia D-O, Zachary S, Matteo O, Matthew F, Tenzin T, Ryan G, Evan M, Taylor T, Ian J, Robert D, Emily R, Ben F, and Claire L

Financial Literacy Competition Photos



DECA Ontario Provincial Competitions 2019

This year, the 40th Annual DECA Ontario Provincial Competitions took place at the Toronto Sheraton Centre on February 8th and 9th.At this event, over 7,500 students from 309 high schools across Ontario came together, all dressed in business attire, ready to showcase their skills and share their passion for business. DECA provided an amazing opportunity for Richview students to sharpen their public speaking skills, apply and grow their ability to problem solve real life scenarios, and network with students from across Ontario.

At Provincials, many of our students came away with personal best scores, either in the written exam, their oral role plays, or both. Congratulations to all who competed, with a special shout out to John A., Molly C., Robert D., Mariam M. and Eric Y. for placing in the top 15 of their event and being recognized with DECA metals.

Amazing things happen when you join DECA!!!

DECA photos

One of a Kind Show

Our Grade 10 Business Students had the chance to learn first-hand about entrepreneurship by attending the One of a Kind 101 trip in November. The students enjoyed a presentation from a glass artist, who spoke about the challenges and opportunities associated with running a business. Then, students had the opportunity to interview a variety of entrepreneurs to learn about their experiences.

One of A Kind Show Photos

“DAY on BAY” - Business Trip

On Thursday, October 4th, 2018, Richview’s Grade 12 Economic students participated in a business finance trip to the TSX Broadcast Centre – 130 King West Street, Toronto to partake in the “Day on Bay” Excursion – in collaboration with the Junior Economic Club of Canada.  This was a day-long event that gave students a first-hand experience of Toronto’s Financial District, while simultaneously taught them the fundamentals of fiancé. Students learned about making smart financial decisions, budgeting and financial services with a focus on digital literacy. This high energy and interactive event taught students practical money skills and created experiences that will be remembered for a long time in the future. 

The event was well received by all and students were grateful for the opportunity to attend.  Below are some key highlights that students took away from the trip:

  • Rhiannon Traill did a wonderful job throughout the event, introducing speakers and continuing an interactive dialogue with the speaker and the students during a question/answer sessions;
  • The Interac representative who introduced Oscar Roque did a good job of providing the students with insight into the role and responsibilities of Vice President of Human Resources for Interac;
  • Oscar Roque was very successful in connecting with the students and inspired them to go after what they want (chase their dreams);
  • Michael Klein presented "Your Money, Your Life" budgeting game with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. The students spoke highly of the game and learned a lot about the importance of budgeting and personal finance;
  • Diane Kazarian provided a valuable female perspective on women in the workplace, specifically her story on how she worked her way up to Managing Partner for GTA PwC. Her story was very inspirational for all of the students, especially the females who attended;
  • Meaghan Daly provided a very valuable presentation to the students on the Stock Market and how it works. Students left her presentation with a greater understanding of investing and trading;
  • The question and answer periods throughout the day taught the students many valuable lessons which included the following
    • The Three P's of Business - People, Planet, Profit;
    • Block Chain (Analogy of the Internet 2.0);
    • “The tallest tree gets the most";
    • Students should seek out mentors as it is important for individual growth and provides a soundboard and diverse perspective;
    • Digital Commerce;
    • Artificial Intelligence;
    • Know your strengths and play to them and improve on your weaknesses;
    • Tech and emerging tech;
    • Building a list of what you like to do and also building a list of what you do not want to do;
    • ATM, E-Transfer, Block Chain
    • The uncomfortable feeling and fear of not always knowing what to do and constantly learning new things.  I use fear of the unknown as a driving motivator;
    • Trading vs investing and the notion of market sentiment and its force on the demand and supply within the stock market.

Day on Bay Photos

Cadbury Chocolate Factory Trip

On Thursday, February 7th, 2019, Richview’s business students participated in a business field trip to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory – 277 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto, Ontario to attend the “Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour”. The field trip began with viewing the Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour Museum Showroom, where we saw their current product lineup displayed with several interactive exhibits. Following this, our students then took part in a 2 hour tour of the Cadbury Chocolate active manufacturing facility. This was scheduled so that students could see the production line running. The purpose of this field trip was for students to learn about the factors involved in production and also learn about Cadbury’s marketing strategy and the tactics they use to sell and promote their products.

Cadbury Photos