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Interdisciplinary Courses

Financial Securities- Grade 12
This course investigates financial management, capital markets, and ways in which capital is acquired. Students use diverse information skills, resources and technologies to gather information related to a variety of Canadian and international financial institutions, investigate the conceptual and mathematical foundations of increasing net worth, and examine investments in the stock market (e.g. the risks and safeguards in stock trading, stocks as investments, creating investment portfolios). They will also analyze the social impact of personal and corporate investment decisions and will learn to solve problems through theoretical investigations and case studies.


Day on Bay - Business Trip

On November 23rd, Richview’s Business students had the opportunity to spend a “Day on Bay”. The students heard from several speakers, including the Ontario Minister of Finance Charles Souza, our MPP Yvan Baker, and many financial professionals (including traders and bankers). They also learned about financial literacy through a budgeting exercise and a session entitled “Your money, your wellness”.  The students were treated to a wonderful lunch, and enjoying spending the day in Toronto’s Financial District.

business day group


students on business day 1students on business day 2


Media Studies- Grade 12
The grade 12 (IDC 4U1) students continue their study of media by engaging heavily in the formal filmmaking process generating scripts and storyboards, while also learning how to build a narrative using the latest in digital film and editing technology. Newly added to the curriculum is a project involving font design where the students create their own font using computer software as a part of a unit on semiotics. Traditionally the IDC class collaborates with the Writer’s Craft class in the production of a dialogue driven short film. These films, as well as other student work, are the backbone for the RCI film festival held in early spring.