Health & Phys-Ed; Athletics, Co-Curricular

Health and Physical Education

The Health & Phys-Ed curriculum helps students develop an understanding of what they need in order to make a commitment to lifelong healthy, active living and develop the capacity to live satisfying, productive lives.  Ontario Curriculum, 2016

Course Outlines

Grade 9
Healthy and Active Living 
PPL10F Grade 9 Girls Phys-Ed Course Expectations
PPL10M Grade 9 Boys Phys-Ed Course Expectations

Grade 10
Healthy and Active Living
PPL20M Grade 10 Boys Course Expectations
PPL20F Grade 10 Girls Course Expectations

Weight Training
PAF201 Grade 10 Weight Training Course Expectations 
PAF20F Grade 10 Fun and Fit Course Expectations

Grade 11
Healthy and Active Living
PPL30M Grade 11 Course Expectations
PPL30F Grade 11 Course Expectations 
Weight Training
PAF301 Grade 11 Weight Training Course Expectations 

Grade 12
PSK4U1 New Course Outline 
Weight Training
PAF401 Grade 12 Weight Training Course Expectations 
Leisure Sports
PAL401 Grade 12 Leisure Sports.doc


The National - Vaping Richview C.I. Segment

The CBC segments related to VAPING started on The National this past week and Ms. Davies and her gr. 9 students were featured. Please follow the link to The National for December 2nd.

Please click here to view.


Congratulations Champions!

Junior Girls' Basketball - TDSSAA West Region Champions with Mrs. Fralick

Senior Girls' Basketball - TDSSAA City Champtions with Mr. Dipchand  Advanced to OFSAA in London.

Junior Boys' Volleyball - TDSSAA City Champtions with Ms. Hadeen-Reeves.  This is the first time in 14 years that RCI has won the City Finals.

Junior Boys' Football - TDSSAA City Final Semi-Finalists with Mr. Sloan, Mr. Panas and Community Coach, Mr. Boyd)



Richview versus Northern city finals in football

A double football championship year: the Junior Boys have won their 3rd in a row....7 in the last 8 years; and, the Senior Boys captured not only the Championship but their 3rd Metro Bowl title. Remarkable work by the players, managers and coaches. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the 2017 City Champion Boys and Girls Curling Teams!
....and to the Boys who are also OFSSAA Provincial Silver Medallists!
Girls Curling City ChampionsBoys Curling champions

Coach Huras-Frannie Shen, Stacey Huras, Lauren Holman,Laura Robertson, Jacqueline McLean.
Coach Haden-Reeves, Sean Wylie, Russell Stouffer, Brandon Holowczak, Matt Garner.