Principal's Message

Update- June 24, 2018

 Thank you Richview Students, Staff and Parents for seven fine years, each better than the last- it has ben an honour and a privilege to serve this wonderful community!


Sam Miceli

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of Vice Principals Christine Lee and Meredith Tuck, and our entire faculty and support staff, I extend thanks and appreciation for partnering with us in our shared mission to provide the best possible educational experience for students. 

Our School Improvement Plan is department-based focusing on achievement, equity and wellness targets.

School Improvement Plan- 17-18

First and foremost, school settings, be they classrooms, hallways, fields, gymnasiums or settings far removed for excursions, must remain safe and nurturing. For this we collectively bear the responsibility to be proactive and intentional in our standards. One of the many ways we maintain a relatively incident free school is to review with staff and students the expectations and behaviours that lend themselves to a caring community. From daily classroom practices, assemblies, guest speakers, the parent Safe and Caring Committee to the efforts of the Principal's Advisory  and Girls' Empowerment Groups and Leadership class, we have done just that. Of course our Frosh Day and Muskoka Woods Leadership Prequel, Winter Camp and Sequel are enormously significant programs to build individual capacity and to build community. Senior Students in the Girls' Empowerment and Principal's Advisory Groups are assigned to each Gr. 9 home form to support new students as they transition into their new home.

To compliment these features of our planning, the Mental Health and Well Being program is in place with 3 tiers of support to target wellness for the entire enrolment, for those in need of on-going support and for students for whom urgent and specialized care is required.

Academics, Arts, Athletics and Leadership are thriving features of Richview. Student  Wellness and Achievement are the ultimate goals and this is supported and complimented by the co-curricular programming that is indispensable to any quality school experience. We are very fortunate that Richview Staff and Community coaches and volunteers provide what may be unparalleled in the system. A staff of just over 50 provide some 80 co-curricular opportunities. Priceless.

Our enrolment of 950 is large enough to provide a breath of programming but small enough that staff and students will know one another well enough to ensure that no student "falls between the cracks." 

At Richview, we are exhausted by the end of a long day but we are exhausted for all the right reasons and excited to start all over again the next day.

May 2017-2018 build on the wonderful foundations of the Richview experience.

Sam Miceli