Immersion/Extended/Core French, Spanish



French Immersion Certificate: 10 courses
French Immersion Honours Certificate: 11 courses
Extended French Certificate: 7 courses
Extended French Honours Certificate: 8 courses
Core French Certificate: 4 courses
Spanish Certificate: 3 levels
N.B. Grade 9 French credit is required for OSSD.

Students and parents/guardians are welcome to discuss the course work, their progress, their marks, or any other matter at any time. Making an appointment will ensure that the teacher is available. Appointments may be made before or after school, or during the lunch hours.
Extra help will be available every THURSDAY after school between 3:30-4:30 pm in Room 141.
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French Literacy:
Our Équipe Moderns developed and implemented an assessment for learning  tool for our grade 9 extended and immersion students to identify their strengths and needs in the French language.  Teachers have been delivering a 5-week comprehensive literacy program, collaborating, marking and planning in order to prepare our students for success!
Grade 8 Open House:
November 15th, 2017, Richview will hold its annual Grade 8 Open House. Members of our team are very happy to speak with parents, showcase our program, and answer questions. We look forward to welcoming future Saints!



Hall of Fame:
Concours d'art oratoire 2017
Félicitations aux élèves qui ont participé au Concours d’art oratoire le 6 mars. Ça prend du courage pour s’exprimer devant les camarades, les amis, les profs et les juges. Merci, les élèves, d’avoir partagé vos pensées et vos discours avec nous! Félicitations à Mariam Majeed, Simone Davis, Sidney Crawford, Rachel Baran, Moriah Kennedy et Junjun Liu qui vont représenter notre école au niveau régional. Bonne chance!
Congratulations to Rachel Baran, Moriah Kennedy and Junjun Liu! These students placed first in the Grade 12 Extended and Immersion categories at the regional level of the Concours d'art oratoire. We wish them luck at the provincial level in May at Glendon College!


Concours D'Art Oratoire 2016
Congratulations to our Provincial and National Champion- Amna Majeed!!! On May 28, 2016 thirty-nine high school students from across Canada visited the Nation’s Capital to compete in Canadian Parents for French’s (CPF) National Concours d’art oratoire. Finals 
The Concours d’art oratoire final event draws students from across Canada in the competition that offers over $500,000 in scholarships from the University of Ottawa, Université de Moncton, University of Prince Edward Island, Université Sainte-Anne, and Université de Saint-Boniface.
The students, having won at their provincial or territorial championships, competed in five categories ranging from Core French to Francophone for this final competition. They spoke on topics including feminism, islamophobia, the impact of social media and the power of music.


Ciné Franco
It was with great pleasure that we received, Marcelle Lean, director of Ciné Franco at our school on February 10th in our auditorium to watch La Cité Rose.  Our Grade 10 Immersion & 11 Extended and Immersion classes participated in another French Film Festival at Ciné Franco. This year the Grade 10 French Immersion saw a heartwarming and inspiring movie based on a true adventure in which a brave 12 year old leads a group of 8 children to safety in Switzerland during the Second World War. The Grade 11 students saw an animated science-fiction film set in 1941 in which a female heroine embarks on a journey to find her missing parents in Paris. Students and teachers alike were very touched by these powerful stories!














Course Profiles

Spanish Course Profiles:
Beginner Spanish LWSBD
Year 2 Spanish LWSCU
Year 3 Spanish LWSDU

Core French Course Profiles:
Core French FSF1P Grade 9, Applied
Core French FSF1D Grade 9, Academic
Core French FSF2D Grade 10, Academic
Core French FSF3U Grade 11, Academic
Core French FSF4U Grade 12, Academic

Extended French Course Profiles:
Extended French FEF1D Grade 9, Academic
Extended French FEF2D Grade 10, Academic
Extended French FEF3U Grade 11, University
Extended French FEF4U Grade 12, University

Immersion French Course Profiles:
French Immersion FIF1D Grade 9, Academic
French Immersion FIF2D Grade 10, Academic
French Immersion FIF3U Grade 11, University
French Immersion FIF4U Grade 12, University

Expressing Aboriginal Culture NAC105, Grade 9
French Extended Drama ADA204, Grade 10
French Immersion Drama ADA205, Grade 10
French Immersion Drama ADA3M5, Grade 11

Computer studies, BTT1O5, Grade 9 Immersion
Introduction to Business, BBI2O5, Grade 10 Immersion

Canadian and World Studies / Humanities

Geography, CGC1D4/5, Grade 9 Extended/Immersion
Civics, CHV2O4/5, Grade 10 Extended/Immersion
Careers, GLC2O4/5, Grade 10 Extended/Immersion

History, CHC2D5, Grade 10 Immersion
Law, CLU3M5, Grade 11 Immersion
Intro to anthro, sociology & psych, HSP3U4/5, Grade 11 Extended/Immersion