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Parent Council

As a school council member, you can help your council discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students in your school. School Councils A Guide for Members  is your source. Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Your involvement in the council gives you the opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and to be part of a dedicated team working to ensure a high quality of education and an accountable education system for the children of Ontario. Your participation can make a difference!

Examination Schedule
As with exams, summatives are also mandatory components of course evaluation- accommodations  for summatives/exams cannot be made save for medically or legally documented issues. Please emphasize dates/times with your son/daughter to ensure no exam opportunity is missed. Room locations will be issued closer to the exam period. There has always been at least one instance where a student "got the date/time wrong." Let's avoid any unnecessary anguish! Exam Schedule.doc

10th Annual TDSB Parent Conference: Parent Involvement Makes a Difference  
Registration is now open for the:
10th Annual TDSB Parent Conference: Parent Involvement Makes a Difference.
Saturday, 19 November 2016, 8 am–3:45 pm
Earl Haig Secondary School, 100 Princess Avenue, Toronto
The theme of the 2016 conference is Parents and Communities Partnering for Student Achievement. Presented by the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) and the TDSB Parent and Community Engagement Office, this free event will feature a keynote address by renowned author and speaker Jennifer Kolari, along with a wide range of workshops, networking opportunities, and information about TDSB programs and services.
Please note that child-minding, bussing and interpretation are available through advance registration ONLY.  For details, please see the flyer (attached) or visit to learn more. Registration closes on 11 November 2016, so register online today!
Please share this information with parents and school council members at your school(s). For additional information, please contact Jim Spyropoulos, Executive Superintendent, Engagement & Well-Being at 416-397-3678, or  Michelle Munroe, Central Coordinator, Parent & Community Involvement, 416-397-3528.

Numeracy Lunch and Learn
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Mrs. O’Leary, our Grade 9 Applied math teacher, is working diligently with your child to ensure his/her success in the course.  In support of this effort, we are offering an opportunity for her students to take part in a Lunch and Learn Program, which will take place once each week for thirteen weeks during the year.  This lunch program has been designed to practice numeracy skills required for the course work, final math exam and EQAO Gr. 9 Applied Assessment of Mathematics.  
All students, across the province, enrolled in a Grade 9 Applied or Academic Mathematics, are required to participate in EQAO’s Gr. 9 Assessment of Mathematics which measures students’ achievement of the Grade 9 mathematics expectations.  In fact, of the 30% allocated to the Summative Assessment in Grade 9 Mathematics, 10% is based on their score on the EQAO Assessment.  
During the Lunch and Learn Program one skill will be reviewed plus a practice booklet and pizza lunch will be provided, at no charge to the students.  Mrs. O’Leary and senior students will be present to provide students with extra support and guided practice of the skills required by the assessment. Your child will benefit greatly from participating in these sessions.

We are asking for your support by encouraging your child to consistently attend each of these sessions which begin Thursday October 27th at lunchtime in room 203.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding this valuable program.  Thank you for your ongoing support.
Jennifer Ladouceur

Session Dates
Thursday Oct 27 -   First session
Friday Nov 4
Thursday Nov 10
Wednesday Nov 16
Friday Nov 25
Thursday Dec 8
Thursday Feb 2
Friday Feb 10
Friday Feb 24
Thursday Mar 2
Thursday Mar 23
Friday Mar 31
Thursday April 6
Wednesday April 12 -  Last session before intense in-class review


2017-2018 Executive

Michelle Minott
Susan Langille

Heather Smith

Lex Mitchell

Dep Pope

Lynn Campbell
Kim Shaw

Past Chairs
Bev Firchuk
Charlene Sam

2018-19 Information Evening
November 15, 2017

Upcoming Parent Council Meetings:
All Meetings take place from 7-8pm in the Library

Tuesday September 12, 2017
Tuesday October 3, 2017
Tuesday November 21, 2017
Tuesday January 16, 2018
Tuesday February 20, 2018
Tuesday April 10, 2018
Tuesday May 15, 2018


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