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School Life at Richview, Endless Possibilities


The Richview Saint can grow, be challenged, learn and excel in a wide variety of extra-curricular endeavours.

Concours d'art oratoires

 french speaking contest

Richview's Core, Extended and Immersion students develop and deliver their enhanced French speaking skills at speaking competitions; and Richview parents support these endeavours, each step of the way.

Leadership- Muskoka Woods

What does a Gym Riot look like? 
students in gym
Such is the visual that captures the mission to build character through colour. 
Each and every Grade 9 student is expected to work with a dozen staff and 150 
senior students to build leaders and build community.

Cooperative Education

An invaluable educational experience integrating academic study with practical experience in a job-setting. If you are interested, speak to our Cooperative Education teacher,

Educational Excursions

The Saints travel to a variety of destinations to enhance their achievement: New York City Media Studies, Music trips to Chicago and Peru; the Battle Grounds of World War 1 in France, Belgium and Holland; and, the ever popular Britain-France-Spain and Italy excursion.
FlorenceMonacoVimy RidgeMachu Picchu


Seniors with students
Also know as "Students Assisting Independent Neigbourhood Toronto Seniors."
We play cards, bake cookies, rake leaves, teach computer skills, make ginger houses; but mostly, we give back to the community.

Will You Trace Your Beginnings at Richview?

Joey Votto
Paul Watson
Stephen Harper
Scott Mellanby
Margo Timmins
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