Our Staff

Office Staff

Principal J. Singh    


Secretary (mornings)  

L. Singh-Charran

L. Mack 


Caretaking Staff

 Chief Caretaker G. Backman    
 Evening Caretaker M. Subbiah    
 Evening Caretaker L. Varatharasa

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten  L. Lee with J. Hsieh
Kindergarten M. Letto
Kindergarten (Virtual) H. Holmes with A. Kanagasiriam
Grade 1/2 J. Lewis
Grade 1/2 (Virtual) D. Namasivayam    
Grade 1/2 (Virtual)   A. Mall  
Grade 2/3 T. Brathwaite   
Grade 3 (Virtual)   K. Mann
Grade 3/4    M. Vair  
Grade 4 K. Crowder

Grade 4 (Virtual)

Grade 5/6 

Grade 6/7

Grade 8

Grade 7/8 (virtual)

A. Lee

J. Philp

N. Lee

J. Remisch

B. Altay

Special Education F. Ngo and N. Avdeeva (AM)  
English as a Second Language J. Zhang and C. Tsang (PM)  
Preparation (Music and French) M. Hadjis and N. Avdeeva (AM)

Preparation (Arts, Literacy and Numeracy)

Preparation (Physical Education/Health, Literacy and Numeracy)  

W. Todd (temporary C. Yau)

C. Minor


Educational Assistants

SNA  K. Loh
 EA     A. Vickneaswaran


Lunchroom Supervisors

D. Yuan  N. Ali Raza
I. Raza  F. Ajaz
G. Baskaran  K. Norman


L. Burian (DECE) works with virtually with another school, but is housed at Banting and Best this year.        

Revised: October 12, 2021