School Spotlight: Graduating Grade 8s

Our Graduating Grade 8s

Next Stop: High School

By: Kanjanaa

Our Grade 8 students will be leaving Banting and Best for their next big step of their lives: high school.

Here are what some Grade 8s think about high school and how they feel about it.

Cindy: “For me it’s really really sad. I’m leaving the place I’ve be coming to for the last ten years. I made so many wonderful friends and met all these wonderful people, it’s just so hard for me to leave. I guess I’m more scared of what the future has in store for me and the people I love. I’m excited to find new challenges and all but I don’t want to loose what I have right now. It’s like building a skyscraper of memories and hard work then just knocking it down with one blow.”

Winnie M.: "High school will be a great opportunity for me as i will be making new friends in a different environment. I am really excited and scared at the same time but high school is months away, so let's enjoy our last time together!!!!!!"

Ashely: “I'm not sure, I mean there's fear and nervousness going to an unfamiliar environment and going to another step of life but there is excitement. When you can say, "I'm in high school," it makes you feel like you're grown up.”

Jenny: “I am nervous that it’s a new grade. Mr.Remisch told us that the atmosphere in high school is very different from elementary/middle school. I am kind of excited since we are graduating from grade 8. But it’s pretty sad that I will miss most of my grade 7 friends, it’ll be making a great experience to graduate. Making new friends and finding new experiences and opportunities that may help us in the future. I sometimes have a feeling that I don’t want to go to high school, since I have been in this school for around 8 years. But life goes on.”

Rosy: “I think high school will be scary at first, since I don't know many people. But it will be a great experience finding new friends and hobbies.”

Yoyo: "High school is another start for us, the grade 8s. We got to meet new friends, new teachers and new things in high school. Some people think that it's sad to graduate and going to high school, but I don't really think it's that sad. I enjoyed the time in junior elementary school, but I also want to meet some new friends and I want to have another start. Therefore, now it's the time to enjoy rest of the moments with our classmates, friends and teachers."
Fiona Chang: “I'm excited to graduate,and excited to be with a whole new group of people our age. High school's going to be so different, and I am going to miss all my friends.”

Anni, Fiona, Winnie, and Wan Ting: “We are scared of going to high school, it’s a new start for us, going to a different environment. The classes will be seperate. We will need to find new friends.”

Fatimah: “I feel excited but nervous at the same time and of course I’m going to miss this school cause I’ve been HERE for three years.”

Sammi: “Sometimes I think that high school would be a refreshing start but sometimes I feel kind of scared to go to another school. I wouldn't know how the school works and I might be very behind.”

Samantha: “High school is going to be a great place, with lots of people. I think that I could experience new things and have more opportunities to find more hobbies.”

Kendy: “It sounds exciting but I’m kind of nervous and I look forward in meeting new friends.”

Avi: “I think it is good to move to a better place from some place u have been for like 8 years or longer. At the same time it is scary because you don't know any teachers there and if they are nice or not. Also you are in different classes than your friends so you have to make new friends. Also there will be much more activities to do and many more sports

Edwin: A place filled with new people and surroundings and nothing we (the grade 8s) can't handle (anonymous).

Sunny: “I don't really care its part of life and its mandatory and you can’t really do much about it. So what I'm saying is if you go to high school you can have a better job

Some of us are going on different paths to different places. When we go to high school our schedules are going to be different. We might be crossing paths with each other when we go to different classes. When going to high school it would be entering a whole new world.