Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration

Registration for 2021 Junior Kindergarten will begin in February 2021. It will be different this year and more information will follow about the contactless process this year.

Stay tuned.

The following information is required when registering your child: 

-Proof of child identity (birth certificate, passport Record of Landing, Immigration documents)  

-2 pieces proof of address -two pieces in the parent's name(s) that shows your address: a utility bill such as Rogers Cable or a hydro bill, Property Tax Assessment (SEE BELOW)

-Immunization Record

-Ontario Health Card

Our school is closed to Optional Attendance unless your child is registered at the Daycare inside Banting & Best PS. Therefore, all families must show proof of their address to show that they are living inside our attendance area. We require two pieces for proof of address. The proof of address can be in either parent’s names, but it MUST be in the parent’s names (or the parent who the child lives with).

The following are acceptable:

-Property Tax Bill-Purchase agreement for house

-a LEGAL lease that is typed, signed and written in English

-utility bill such as Rogers cable, water bill, hydro bill

-mail from the government of Canada such as a recent Child Tax Credit cheque statement

-mail from Immigration Canada

-mail from government of Ontario

-home or car insurance slip

We cannot accept:

-Driver’s License

-Bank Statement

-Cellphone bill

-rental payment receipts written by hand

We are planning to have a Parent Information Session for new Junior Kindergarten parents. More information will follow.