Safe Arrival


Safe Arrival

It is necessary for parents to telephone the school if their child is going to be absent or late. Please call 416-396-5800 any time, to record a message on our Safe Arrival line. As part of our Safe Arrival Program, we will attempt to contact a parent/guardian if we do not hear from you. Your child’s safety is our primary concern. PLEASE ensure we always have current contact information. 


當您的孩子因事故導致遲到, 或者需要請事假或病假時, 請務必用電話通知學校. 
您可以在任何時候打電話到學校, 您可以在學校的答錄機內留話或者您可以透過我們的教職員為學生請假. 學校電話是 416-396-5800 
根據學校的學生出席的安全政策, 若您的孩子若缺席並且學校沒有收到家長的通知;為了學生的安全起見, 我們將會打電話聯絡家長,了解學生的去向. 所以, 為了各位寶貴的時間 和學生的安全, 請一定要讓學校了解和掌握每位學生的各樣訊息和動



Neighbours, parents and staff have all expressed concern regarding traffic during entry and dismissal times.  Goldhawk Trail can be very dangerous, especially during bad weather.  It is very beneficial for children to walk to and from school as often as possible.  Parents who drive to drop off or pick up their children must adhere to the traffic flow and signage as posted.  Small inconveniences for parents and caregivers are well worth the extra effort if that means our students arrive safely. 



Parent Resources


Useful Resources:
Tips for limiting screen time at home Yes, You Can! Positive Discipline Ideas for You and Your Child; Hands-on Dad: A Guide for New Fathers; Let’s Play! A Child’s Road to Learning; You and Your Preteen: Getting Ready for Independence; Focus on Self-Esteem: Nurturing Your School-Age Child.


Resources to support your child through a crisis:

After the Trauma:  Helping My Child Cope    

Other Resources



Morning Meal

We are very pleased to partner with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success to be able to offer a Morning Meal for our students. We are currently using THE LUNCH LADY to provide contactless/packaged meals for our students.  At this time we are not asking for donations as we are using last year's funds and current funding to support the program. Safety is our priority and we want to support our families the best we can.