School Athletics


Track and Field Continues to be Successful at Banting and Best

       Our school track and field team has done an amazing job thus far, with many athletes being awarded with Top 8 finishes in various events. We even have some athletes moving on to the City Finals! Let's wish them luck!

        Check out the video below that shows how some of our students "prepared" for the track and field season...

2017-18 School Teams


Junior Badminton    
Junior badminton is the training ground for Banting and Best's successful badminton program. The skills of our Grade 5 and Grade 6 teams were on full display at this year's tournaments...    



Intermediate Badminton   Intermediate Ball Hockey
Pennant   Pennant
Once again, Banting and Best had a strong field of badminton players in the intermediate division. Would they be good enough to continue our history of bringing home pennants...   For the first time ever, Banting and Best had a ball hockey team. All those years of BHL helped prepare these students for their first jump into competitive ball hockey...



Junior Girls' Volleyball   Junior Girls' Bordenball
Volleyball   Bordenball
Our extremely dedicated girls are back for another volleyball season. After a successful season last year, how will the girls fare this time around...   For the first time in a very long time, Banting & Best had a bordenball team. Led by Ms. Clarke, the girls worked hard at learning a new sport...



Junior/Intermediate Cross-Country   Intermediate Girls' Softball
Cross-Country   Volleyball
Banting & Best's Cross Country Team this year was wildly successful, with a large number of athletes setting personal bests with their running...   Banting & Best's Girls' Intermediate Softball team is back and ready for tough work and practice..


2016-17 School Teams

Junior Girls' Volleyball    
Banting and Best has a Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team! It’ll be our first time competing against other schools in volleyball and we’re scared to see how we do...    


Intermediate Girls' Slo-Pitch   Junior Boys' Volleyball
Softball   Volleyball
This year for the very first time, our school started a Slo-Pitch Softball team. “Softball was something I didn't expect it to be..."   The boys had a fantastic start to the Junior Volleyball season. They played in the final game and...



Junior/Intermediate Cross-Country

Grade 5 Girls' Volleyball
Grade 8 Girls' Volleyball

Grade 5 Co-ed Badminton
Grade 6 Co-ed Badminton
Grade 7 Co-ed Badminton
Grade 8 Co-ed Badminton

Grade 8 Boys' Slo-pitch Softball