Junior Girls' Bordenball 2017

Passing the Ball to Victory!

The Bordenball Team

By: Srilakshmi


        This Fall 2017, Banting & Best Public School had its first Gr. 6 Bordenball Team. The coach was Mrs. Clarke. The team consisted of 9 players: Srilakshmi, Sarah, Vanessa, Safa, Emma, Eileen, Zara, Tina, and Bhavana. All of our players worked hard to do their best at the tournament.

        Many of the practices were held during lunchtime, and they were usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. During our practices we would improve our skills by running, passing balls around and blocking others from receiving the ball.

        As the day of the tournament got closer, we played more competitive games. We would split up into teams and try to score points to win the game. Our tournament was scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th at Lester B. Pearson C. I.  We were scared and nervous to be playing against other schools in the sun and rain.

        Soon, the day of the tournament arrived, and the first few games were pretty rough. Many of us were passing the ball in different directions and we didn’t block the opponents from receiving the ball. Instead of spreading out, we clumped up together trying to catch the ball.

        The more we played, the better we became. We all got more comfortable with passing the ball and blocking players on the other team from receiving passes. Unfortunately, our team did not move on to the playoffs. However, we were proud and happy to be able to learn from this experience and develop new skills when playing bordenball.